English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Thorough" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2111951	Be thorough.	CK	1
2203449	I'm thorough.	CK	1
2203446	We're thorough.	CK	1
2203448	Tom is thorough.	CK	1
2203447	You're thorough.	CK	1
2273613	Tom is very thorough.	CK	1
2377498	I like to be thorough.	CK	1
254836	I studied it thoroughly.	CK	1
3312726	We were pretty thorough.	CK	1
2261934	I checked Tom thoroughly.	CK	1
2643467	We've studied it thoroughly.	CK	1
1040512	Tom was thoroughly depressed.	CK	1
2406383	I should've been more thorough.	CK	1
2541863	I'm just trying to be thorough.	CK	1
61538	We thoroughly enjoyed the delicious meal.	CK	1
291350	He made a thorough analysis of the problem.	CM	1
2313687	I appreciate the thoroughness of your report.	CK	1
2258645	He's thoroughly honest.	_undertoad
3310035	We've made a thorough search.	CK
3071704	I'll make a thorough investigation.	sharptoothed
306176	They got thoroughly wet in the rain.	CK
294337	He is very thorough about everything.	CK
314671	She has a thorough grasp of her work.	Dejo
3325799	Was this basement thoroughly searched?	CK
529800	The doctor gave her a thorough check-up.	FeuDRenais
238214	The police thoroughly searched the house.	CK
52737	John investigated the accident thoroughly.	Swift
247783	We were thoroughly satisfied with his work.	CK
268237	A thorough investigation is now in progress.	CK
290828	He is thoroughly familiar with the business.	CK
271910	I'd like you to have a thorough examination.	CK
512938	The police searched the premises thoroughly.	darinmex
2958101	Tom seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself.	CK
54446	I recommend a thorough checkup for your husband.	CK
2267401	It was necessary to study the matter thoroughly.	_undertoad
2959405	I consider Tom a thoroughly responsible individual.	sharptoothed
49322	We went over the house thoroughly before buying it.	CK
259529	When I reached the summit, I was thoroughly worn out.	CM
253585	I intend to carry this project thorough to completion.	CK
313018	She grounded her students thoroughly in English grammar.	CM
34412	I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the Van Dorgen Exhibition.	CM
244687	Have you had a thorough medical checkup within the last year?	CK
1168523	The CIA runs a thorough background check on all new employees.	darinmex
1963163	The ship was searched thoroughly, but no illegal drugs were found.	CK
3074201	Police cordoned off the area and carried out a thorough search for the fugitive.	patgfisher
239256	The research director had the department do a thorough job in testing the new product.	CK