English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Thief" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2241005	We're thieves.	CK	1
1025143	Tom is a thief.	CK	1
2218045	You're a thief.	CK	1
2648343	Tom isn't a thief.	CK	1
2401175	Tom may be a thief.	CK	1
291179	He chased the thief.	CK	1
278653	We caught the thief.	CK	1
263161	We ran after the thief.	CK	1
2376495	I know who the thief is.	CK	1
1092609	Tom turned out to be a thief.	CK	1
1361942	They tied the thief to the tree.	CK	1
238139	The policeman arrested the thief.	CK	1
36821	The thief got away with the money.	CK	1
1030005	Tom accused Mary of being a thief.	CK	1
61925	Watch out for thieves around here.	CK	1
278637	The thief got in without being noticed.	CK	1
1029975	Tom all but accused Mary of being a thief.	CK	1
1027299	There is indisputable proof that Tom is the thief.	CK	1
1173317	Stop! Thief!	cntrational
301724	He is a thief.	Dorenda
1836094	I'm not a thief.	Spamster
2162250	Beware of thieves.	FeuDRenais
36818	The thief ran away.	CK
44933	The thief ran fast.	CK
1134987	The thief ran quickly.	Guybrush88
23176	We captured the thief.	CK
1078197	Vito is a bicycle thief.	Scott
1056887	We know you're the thief.	brauliobezerra
238316	The police caught the thief.	CK
71983	He is no better than a thief.	CM
437466	Once a thief, always a thief.	Clavain
1078085	The thief admitted his crime.	keira_n
44935	The thief admitted his guilt.	CK
462964	The thieves hid in the woods.	lukaszpp
1773939	Thieves plundered the museum.	Spamster
2643067	Are you saying Tom is a thief?	CK
315909	She is no better than a thief.	CM
1573753	My money was stolen by a thief.	trieuho
238104	The policeman caught the thief.	CK
48467	The policeman chased the thief.	CK
301726	He denied that he was the thief.	CK
278644	The thief was caught in the act.	CK
715037	There is no honor among thieves.	Scott
278628	The thief slipped into the house.	CK
2956413	Tom denied that he was the thief.	CK
1801667	A thief believes everybody steals.	Spamster
252178	I only got a glimpse of the thief.	CK
491806	It was proved that he was a thief.	minshirui
682236	The accused thief is on trial now.	Source_VOA
48468	The policeman was after the thief.	CK