English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Theory" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2649022	I have a theory.	CK	1
2251105	That's my theory.	CK	1
2648702	Tom has a theory.	CK	1
2549215	We have a theory.	CK	1
2251282	That's the theory.	CK	1
2234186	What's your theory?	CK	1
2404161	I revised my theory.	CK	1
2234167	What's Tom's theory?	CK	1
2547956	Do you have a theory?	CK	1
1887362	I have my own theory.	CK	1
2647091	Tell Tom your theory.	CK	1
2358715	I have a few theories.	CK	1
3118230	Tom studied music theory.	Hybrid	1
2279396	Tom doesn't have a theory.	CK	1
1293182	He stuck with his own theory.	CK	1
2013875	Do you want to hear my theory?	CK	1
1541417	I think your theory is incorrect.	Nero	1
43489	The theory is too abstract for me.	CK	1
3150383	You don't buy that theory, do you?	CK	1
2033633	I don't want to hear your theories.	CK	1
1396340	It's difficult to understand his theory.	CK	1
2243458	It's just a theory.	Hybrid
2243459	It's only a theory.	Hybrid
2243460	It's not just a theory.	Hybrid
1676677	This is a great theory.	Spamster
2891966	That would be one theory.	CK
2360213	I have plenty of theories.	CK
3200351	Let me tell you my theory.	CK
2644176	You said you had a theory.	CK
3150409	Are you buying that theory?	CK
253680	I can't accept this theory.	CK
43492	The theory is not accepted.	mamat
298582	He developed his own theory.	CK
287770	His theory is based on fact.	Dejo
298746	He adhered to his own theory.	CM
1033664	Her theory is based on facts.	shadowsofpegasus
43493	The theory is not accepted yet.	CK
16189	What do you base your theory on?	Zifre
1365611	Are you suggesting another theory?	CK
287771	His theories were put into effect.	CK
287769	His theory deserves consideration.	CM
585467	That theory is generally accepted.	CK
1378	I think I have a theory about that.	CK
17278	I think your basic theory is wrong.	CK
1269307	The word "theory" is often misused.	eastasiastudent
46905	The experiment confirmed his theory.	CK
59924	This theory consists of three parts.	CK
1338143	Your theory has no scientific basis.	darinmex
287767	I can't find any holes in his theory.	CK
585472	That theory isn't generally accepted.	CK