English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Theft" in Example Sentences
Page 1

279865	How do I report a theft?	CK	1
1140996	Tom was arrested for theft.	CK	1
1093811	Tom had nothing to do with the theft.	CK	1
455289	He is guilty of theft.	CM
315439	She is guilty of theft.	CK
292330	He was accused of theft.	CK
51408	I'd like to report a theft.	CK
285111	He is under suspicion of theft.	CM
279862	I would like to report a theft.	CK
45284	The man was charged with theft.	CK
238360	The police accused him of theft.	CK
57948	This man was charged with theft.	Dejo
1668590	He's wanted for grand theft auto.	Spamster
238321	The police arrested him for theft.	CK
2761604	The police will look into the theft.	sharptoothed
1397719	Tom was cleared of the theft charge.	Spamster
2731582	The theft must have been an inside job.	sharptoothed
426652	Betty has a previous conviction for theft.	Scott
1039229	Have you reported the theft to the police?	CK
258387	I reported the theft of my car to the police.	CK
620837	Needless to say, theft was a rare occurrence.	ulyssemc1
2956468	Tom didn't believe that Mary had anything to do with the theft.	CK
3068479	Tom got in with the wrong crowd during his teenage years and was arrested for car theft several times.	patgfisher