English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Theater" in Example Sentences
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42668	Which theater is that?	CK	1
26437	I was at a movie theater.	CK	1
1312934	He loves going to the theater.	CK	1
2400141	Tom directed me to the theater.	CK	1
37088	Tom saw a play in the new theater.	CK	1
1867747	Tom was outside the movie theater.	CK	1
1140877	Tom went to the theater with Mary.	CK	1
238478	Let's meet in front of the theater.	CK	1
265282	Did you enjoy yourself at the theater?	CK	1
23835	The fire caused a panic in the theater.	NekoKanjya	1
256642	I am going to the theater on the corner.	CK	1
238481	There is a parking lot behind the theater.	CK	1
1025585	Tom had his chauffeur drive him to the theater.	CK	1
37131	Tom wishes he had gone to the theater last night.	CK	1
2401226	Tom was signing autographs in front of the theater.	CK	1
1025535	Tom had to leave the movie theater before the movie was over.	CK	1
1094795	Tom didn't feel like sitting for two hours in a movie theater.	CK	1
1075859	I half expected Tom to bring his own popcorn to the movie theater.	CK	1
256730	I was at the theater.	CK
680815	The theater is empty.	Source_VOA
3071802	Do you like the theater?	sharptoothed
2258978	It's a new movie theater.	_undertoad
2270077	We'll meet in the theater.	_undertoad
2259457	The theater was jam-packed.	_undertoad
25927	We're going to the theater.	CK
870476	The theater was too crowded.	alexmarcelo
2268672	Then we went to the theater.	_undertoad
2643507	Tom walked into the theater.	CK
3071362	Who'll buy the theater tickets?	sharptoothed
2267523	Let's go to the theater together.	_undertoad
248618	We met Mrs. Brown at the theater.	CK
680607	A crowd of 500 filled the theater.	Source_VOA
2509427	I've decided to go to the theater.	sharptoothed
450752	This movie theater has two floors.	FeuDRenais
807223	Many in the theater recognized him.	Source_VOA
272034	Be quiet. Don't talk in the theater.	CM
238475	I met Yoko on my way to the theater.	CK
243411	Are you going to the theater tonight?	CK
257172	I met with my teacher in the theater.	CK
21777	There's an old movie theater in town.	CK
2761580	Tom had a great love for the theater.	sharptoothed
48424	What is on at the theater this month?	CK
69672	Do you feel like going to the theater?	CK
290737	He's the projectionist at the theater.	CK
1350161	Romeo and Juliet is on at the theater.	CK
3071512	There's a movie theater on the corner.	sharptoothed
2943014	Tom gave me directions to the theater.	AlanF_US
2943015	Tom told me how to get to the theater.	AlanF_US
272733	Were you at the theater last Saturday?	CK
18738	Are there any movie theaters near here?	CK