English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Tend" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2407711	I tend to agree.	CK	1
2249254	She tends to be late.	CK	1
1024113	Tom tends to be lazy.	CK	1
736609	I tend to make mistakes.	Darkmaster	1
1024112	Tom tends to exaggerate.	CK	1
2407710	I tend to agree with Tom.	CK	1
2276385	Tom tends to lose things.	CK	1
309948	She tends to be late for school.	CK	1
294610	He tends to be late for meetings.	CK	1
430020	He tends to get upset over nothing.	witbrock	1
1304523	People tend to raise their voices when they get excited.	CK	1
1180728	He tends to lie.	treskro3
292271	He tends to be idle.	CM
289353	He tends to tell lies.	CK
253315	I tend to catch colds.	CM
304876	He tends to be arrogant.	Dejo
2117597	Jim tends to exaggerate.	MethodGT
327044	Jim tends to go too far.	Nero
2260092	Tom tends to the horses.	Hybrid
29344	Robert tends to talk big.	CM
264771	Tend to your own affairs.	CM
458013	We tend to make mistakes.	blay_paul
290140	He tends to talk too much.	CK
276650	Everybody tends to be lazy.	CM
315519	She tends to speak rapidly.	CK
310916	She tends to talk too much.	CK
3181475	Tom tends to talk too much.	CK
661839	We tend to forget this fact.	Eldad
2315138	I do tend to babble at times.	CK
1916653	Asians tend to stick together.	Guybrush88
1046291	Fruit tends to rot right away.	CK
2260093	The grooms tend to the horses.	Hybrid
3183382	Tom tends to speak quite fast.	CK
265764	Young people tend to think so.	CK
32769	Tend to your own affairs first.	CM
43399	The old man tends to exaggerate.	CK
315240	She tends to speak ill of others.	CM
2097723	He tends to ask a lot of questions.	LanguageExpert
318486	Sick people tend to be pessimistic.	CK
267318	Women tend to live longer than men.	CK
294247	He tends to do everything to excess.	CK
3142593	Tom tends to ask a lot of questions.	CK
1485985	We tend to think that most dogs bite.	CM
67448	Aya tends to carry things to extremes.	CM
281735	Japanese people tend to think that way.	CM
2264484	Why don't you tend to your own affairs?	sharptoothed
276911	Boys tend to look down on their sisters.	CM
715761	Red-haired people tend to have freckles.	darinmex
1456520	Young people tend to take things too far.	niceguydave
1916655	Asian communities tend to be quite closed.	Guybrush88