English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Temporary" in Example Sentences
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2233738	This is temporary.	CK	1
2308018	I consider this temporary.	CK	1
2542904	I'm sure it's just temporary.	CK	1
2541309	I'm sure this is only temporary.	CK	1
2275364	Don't worry. It's only temporary.	CK	1
2293458	I assure you this is only temporary.	CK	1
2177497	It's only temporary.	Hybrid
886158	Thania's job is temporary.	alexmarcelo
27742	It's a temporary condition.	NekoKanjya
680810	They employ temporary workers.	Source_VOA
25320	You'll need a temporary bridge.	CM
2969007	This is only a temporary setback.	Hybrid
254266	I got a temporary job at the firm.	CM
802355	They said this was just temporary.	Source_VOA
58686	This arrangement is only temporary.	CK
2641431	Tom told me this was just temporary.	CK
285760	His solution was only a temporary one.	CK
807346	A temporary government was established.	Source_VOA
682149	The dentist put in a temporary filling.	Source_VOA
247278	You must be the temporary we asked for.	CM
2662936	I'm hoping it's only a temporary problem.	CK
286348	His latest works are on temporary display.	CM
802457	They made temporary camps along the coast.	Source_VOA
802472	They said the situation was only temporary.	Source_VOA
802570	They organized a temporary state government.	Source_VOA
22307	I made a temporary repair to the broken door.	CK
2662780	I'm pretty sure it's just a temporary problem.	CK
682148	The company hired a temporary office assistant.	Source_VOA
681716	The banker's pay cut was temporary, not permanent.	Source_VOA
56785	Does she come from the agency that sent the last temporary I had?	CK
304947	The step they took provided at best a temporary solution to the problem.	CM
237939	As the recession set in, temporary employees were laid off one after another.	CM
682150	The roadblock is only temporary. It will be removed when the construction is finished.	Source_VOA