English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Temperature" in Example Sentences
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20349	What's the temperature?	CK	1
2545584	I took Tom's temperature.	CK	1
320167	My temperature is normal.	CK	1
913417	Do you have a temperature?	Shiawase	1
388564	I have a high temperature.	CK	1
38380	I seem to have a temperature.	CK	1
320772	My mother took my temperature.	CK	1
2050804	The nurse took Tom's temperature.	CK	1
531879	Does she still have a temperature?	FeuDRenais	1
2452057	What's the average temperature here?	sharptoothed	1
20352	The temperature has suddenly dropped.	CK	1
326483	I took my temperature every six hours.	CK	1
275247	I took my temperature, but it was normal.	CK	1
1092638	Tom tried to adjust the temperature of the shower.	CK	1
2655081	Last night, the temperature went down to ten degrees below zero.	CK	1
2655082	The temperature went down to minus ten degrees centigrade last night.	CK	1
436649	I have a temperature.	lukaszpp
2259449	The temperature fell.	_undertoad
25469	What is the temperature?	CK
287079	His temperature is normal.	Swift
1662854	The temperature is rising.	Amastan
1662364	The temperature is falling.	Amastan
687480	What's the temperature now?	lukaszpp
20987	A nurse took my temperature.	CK
1806107	Temperatures will get lower.	Guybrush88
275248	Let me take your temperature.	CK
251396	My temperature is 38 degrees.	CK
15865	You don't have a temperature.	CK
2884698	Did you take Tom's temperature?	CK
42607	Keep it at a lower temperature.	CK
20986	The nurse took his temperature.	CK
2259451	The temperature is forty below.	_undertoad
282120	Have you taken your temperature?	CK
2014707	I want to take your temperature.	CK
54233	Now, I'll take your temperature.	CK
531880	Does he still have a temperature?	FeuDRenais
1768246	What's the air temperature today?	CM
32766	Let's take your temperature first.	CK
2761624	The temperature is very low today.	sharptoothed
320153	The average temperature has gone up.	CK
2881964	The temperature is lower than usual.	Hybrid
2259453	The temperature's fallen below zero.	_undertoad
20351	The temperature fell several degrees.	CK
2959115	The temperature went down ten degrees.	sharptoothed
2662350	The temperature went up to 30 degrees.	sharptoothed
3312384	We have to get Tom's temperature down.	CK
680052	The temperature is above freezing today.	Source_VOA
2268588	The temperature went down three degrees.	_undertoad
256318	I keep a daily record of the temperature.	jakov
277737	The temperature has fallen since morning.	CK