English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Television" in Example Sentences
Page 1

39164	I watch television.	CK	1
2218322	You're on television.	CK	1
69881	Do you watch television?	CK	1
1839505	I saw Tom on television.	CK	1
2276162	I don't own a television.	CK	1
2167911	The television is broken.	morgyn	1
39220	Turn down the television.	CK	1
69882	You can watch television.	CK	1
258790	I bought a new television.	CK	1
255121	I do not watch television.	CK	1
1302066	I want to watch television.	Eldad	1
34541	Bill turned on the television.	CK	1
2542450	I'm going to be on television.	CK	1
317686	They were watching television.	CK	1
39149	Please turn off the television.	CK	1
252491	I watch television all day long.	CK	1
1867748	Tom was on television last week.	CK	1
1140907	Tom watches too much television.	CK	1
255127	I'm tired of watching television.	CK	1
687786	Why do you need a new television?	lukaszpp	1
37314	Tom is always watching television.	CK	1
263284	We watch television every evening.	CK	1
300776	He doesn't watch television at all.	CK	1
2852528	That's what they said on television.	CK	1
37237	Tom was asked to appear on television.	CK	1
3287284	There's nothing good on television now.	CK	1
70982	What's your favorite television program?	Zifre	1
2026895	I just want to watch a little television.	CK	1
39221	Could you please turn your television down?	CK	1
20406	Turn off the television. I can't concentrate.	CK	1
255129	I prefer reading books to watching television.	CK	1
310168	She has been watching television for three hours.	CK	1
279255	I was watching television when the telephone rang.	Eldad	1
1094593	Tom didn't watch much television when he was younger.	CK	1
242469	Nowadays, almost every home has one or two televisions.	CK	1
39269	Can you imagine what life would be like without television?	CK	1
18400	I make it a rule not to watch television after nine o'clock.	CK	1
1028246	Tom only allowed Mary to watch three hours of television a week.	CK	1
1027390	It's OK with me if Tom watches television after he finishes his homework.	CK	1
2860594	Don't watch television.	MystyrNile
656789	I want this television.	janmato
1042239	Do not watch television.	yessoos
456481	My television is broken.	lukaszpp
2857484	Can I watch television now?	mervert1
2643960	Tom is watching television.	CK
39262	The television doesn't work.	CK
24247	We have two television sets.	CK
255134	I watch television every day.	CK
1879725	I'm just watching television.	Spamster
39144	May I turn on the television?	CK