English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Tear" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2549555	I tore my pants.	CK	1
2273687	Tom was in tears.	CK	1
295219	He burst into tears.	CK	1
308172	She broke into tears.	CK	1
3068869	Tom burst into tears.	CK	1
1026938	Tom burst into tears.	CK	1
320707	My mother was in tears.	CK	1
309814	I saw tears in her eyes.	CK	1
57392	This cloth tears easily.	CK	1
317474	She wiped away her tears.	CK	1
325977	A tear ran down her cheek.	CK	1
2400174	Tom had tears in his eyes.	CK	1
1304614	She couldn't stop the tears.	CK	1
1027725	Tom wiped away Mary's tears.	CK	1
3096758	Tom wiped Mary's tears away.	CK	1
247962	We must tear down this house.	CK	1
325975	Tears ran down Alice's cheeks.	CK	1
1092371	Tom was on the verge of tears.	CK	1
1027872	Tom tore Mary's letter in half.	CK	1
309826	Her eyes were filled with tears.	CK	1
2540944	I'm going to tear down this wall.	CK	1
1026572	Tom couldn't hold back his tears.	CK	1
1164236	Tom saw the tears in Mary's eyes.	CK	1
1092627	Tom tried to hold back his tears.	CK	1
388627	I was moved to tears by the story.	CK	1
2955864	Tom angrily tore up Mary's letter.	CK	1
2593305	Tom was about to burst into tears.	CK	1
257944	I saw my sister tear up the letter.	CK	1
253039	I tore the picture out of the album.	CK	1
388625	She was moved to tears by the story.	CK	1
1027724	Tom wiped the tears from Mary's eyes.	CK	1
302580	He angrily tore up the letter from her.	CK	1
311289	She tore the letter up after reading it.	CK	1
288056	He read the letter with tears running down his cheeks.	CM	1
2220773	Tom could see that Mary was about to burst into tears.	AlanF_US	1
1027616	Even though Tom still had tears in his eyes, he began to smile.	CK	1
1260782	It isn't likely that Tom will shed any tears if Mary gets fired.	CK	1
1026316	Tom didn't need to paint the fence. They tore it down a week after he painted it.	CK	1
325991	Dry my tears.	CK
2784033	Tom shed tears.	CM
3060652	I tore my pants.	sharptoothed
3342801	You tore your pants.	CK
2217629	He tore his ligament.	Hybrid
456679	She burst into tears.	lukaszpp
1475682	They're tears of joy.	Guybrush88
2266195	He didn't shed a tear.	_undertoad
294922	He was moved to tears.	CM
388578	She answered in tears.	CK
323748	Tears came to my eyes.	Nero
325986	Tears filled her eyes.	Nero