English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Taxi" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2549527	I'll go by taxi.	CK	1
40958	Let's take a taxi.	CK	1
37411	Tom found me a taxi.	CK	1
40945	I'll call you a taxi.	CK	1
311544	Is she a taxi driver?	CK	1
1290698	Let's go by taxi, OK?	CK	1
2956180	Tom called me a taxi.	CK	1
254926	I got out of the taxi.	CK	1
479472	Can you call me a taxi?	Swift	1
1891006	I'm just a taxi driver.	CK	1
1095714	Tom called Mary a taxi.	CK	1
38194	Where can I get a taxi?	CK	1
61996	Can I catch a taxi here?	CK	1
1025646	Tom got out of the taxi.	CK	1
1025541	Tom had to catch a taxi.	CK	1
254932	I was waiting for a taxi.	CK	1
33354	Take a taxi to the hotel.	Blaz	1
1026930	Tom called a taxi for me.	CK	1
40959	Why don't we take a taxi?	CK	1
479016	Can you call a taxi for me?	boracasli	1
1095716	Tom called a taxi for Mary.	CK	1
2308074	I could call a taxi for you.	CK	1
57207	Can I catch a taxi near here?	CK	1
40935	I had trouble getting a taxi.	CK	1
2387468	I need a taxi to the airport.	CK	1
18195	I went to the airport by taxi.	CK	1
388676	She went to the museum by taxi.	CK	1
40943	Will you please call me a taxi?	mamat	1
316665	She took a taxi to the hospital.	CK	1
1058266	She went to the hospital by taxi.	CK	1
40960	Taking a taxi is a luxury for me.	Swift	1
3058285	I couldn't find a taxi last night.	Hybrid	1
40947	The taxi picked up two passengers.	CK	1
1093886	Tom had a hard time finding a taxi.	CK	1
2539805	I'll grab a taxi and be right there.	CK	1
25975	I got a taxi in front of the station.	CK	1
254930	I left my umbrella behind in the taxi.	CK	1
1455212	We took a taxi so we wouldn't be late.	CK	1
1450707	Since there were no taxis, I had to walk.	CK	1
1450708	I had to walk because there were no taxis.	CK	1
1092674	Tom told the taxi driver to keep the change.	CK	1
1026315	Tom didn't need to take a taxi. He could have walked.	CK	1
238107	The policeman blamed the taxi driver for the accident.	CK	1
40953	No taxi stopped.	CM
3360519	Tom needs a taxi.	CK
297515	He found me a taxi.	CK
2267647	Please call a taxi.	_undertoad
416343	He called me a taxi.	CK
311542	She got in the taxi.	CK
40961	Shall we take a taxi?	Swift