English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Tank" in Example Sentences
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2891192	Fill up the tank.	CK	1
1430140	The tank is full.	CK	1
307023	They invaded the country with tanks and guns.	CM	1
2006514	Tom spent hours looking at the fish in the tank.	CK	1
1723117	The tank is empty.	belgavox
3122147	Tom looked into the tank.	CK
63753	The gas tank suddenly blew up.	CK
681039	The fuel tank in the car is full.	Source_VOA
2268154	The gasoline tank was underneath.	_undertoad
2649708	They loaded the tank on the flatcar.	sharptoothed
1555777	How many fish can you keep in your tank?	CK
322775	I'd like a full tank of regular unleaded.	CK
40324	The tank has a capacity of fifty-gallons.	CK
2259717	This tank has a capacity of thirty liters.	_undertoad
681130	Can we drive to Miami on half a tank of gas?	Source_VOA
2733152	Be careful not to spill gasoline when filling the tank on your lawn mower.	CK
1434592	When I filled my tank with gasoline this morning, it cost ¥135 per liter which is $6.55 per gallon.	CK