English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Talent" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2203433	Tom is talented.	CK	1
2203434	You're talented.	CK	1
2218399	You're so talented.	CK	1
398525	I admire his talent.	CK	1
2359952	I have many talents.	CK	1
37367	Tom has many talents.	CK	1
1663305	Tom is very talented.	liwan1208	1
2218501	You're very talented.	CK	1
2404158	I respect your talent.	CK	1
1167533	Tom is a talented actor.	CK	1
1095451	Tom certainly has talent.	CK	1
1514261	Tom has a natural talent.	Spamster	1
1167532	Tom is a talented singer.	CK	1
2954901	You're a talented writer.	CK	1
2218173	You're incredibly talented.	CK	1
2458607	I think you're very talented.	CK	1
1025125	Tom is a very talented musician.	CK	1
284892	He lacks the talent to be an actor.	Swift	1
2358854	I have absolutely no musical talent.	CK	1
1024916	Tom is one of the most talented people I know.	CK	1
2958644	Tom was the first one to recognize Mary's musical talent.	CK	1
1426484	Don't be discouraged just because you're not all that talented.	CK	1
1092170	Tom, Mary and John spent Saturday practicing for the talent show.	CK	1
1027302	There are many talented people in our city, but Tom isn't one of them.	CK	1
249903	Am I talented?	CM
1690629	He's very talented.	Spamster
2717127	He has many talents.	WestofEden
1894238	He is very talented.	Spamster
286376	I admire your talent.	CK
309305	Her talent is amazing.	CK
1702726	He's a talented writer.	Spamster
3183980	I think Tom is talented.	CK
3067737	You are really talented.	altusi
427735	He's a very talented man.	witbrock
2182389	He's incredibly talented.	Hybrid
22743	We appreciate his talent.	Nero
3064664	He has a talent for music.	Tappity
313791	She displayed her talents.	CM
2266341	He has a talent for acting.	_undertoad
2275673	He's a man of many talents.	Hybrid
308704	She has a talent for dance.	CM
1661878	She has a talent for music.	avoidingrealwork
2957355	Tom is wasting his talents.	CK
302789	He is jealous of her talent.	CK
2239598	He's ambitious and talented.	Shepherd
47555	That boy has a great talent.	CM
3172241	Do you think Tom is talented?	CK
1079599	He had a talent for painting.	keira_n
308806	She has some literary talent.	CK
1855134	She's a very talented artist.	Spamster