English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Tale" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1334366	That's an old tale.	CK	1
953417	I don't believe in fairy tales.	CK	1
906756	What's your favorite fairy tale?	CK	1
28330	When I was a child, my mother would often read fairy tales to me.	CK	1
1798765	Who wrote this tale?	Amastan
684772	It is a very sad tale.	notrwanda
246356	Dead men tell no tales.	CM
1740546	It's a cautionary tale.	Spamster
2959281	It reads like a fairy tale.	sharptoothed
2724234	That's just an old wives' tale.	Hybrid
3307460	This is my favorite fairy tale.	Hybrid
1392378	They are fairy tales for children.	CM
285444	He bored me with his endless tales.	CK
70071	Did you write this fairy tale by yourself?	CM
2265825	Don't believe that. It's all a fairy tale.	_undertoad
852413	The children love listening to fairy tales.	piksea
625178	Frogs turn into princes only in fairy tales.	darinmex
287553	His book begins with a tale of country life.	CM
2278861	That author translated those fairy tales into our language.	CK
55041	These tales have been passed on from generation to generation.	CM
57634	This fairy tale is easy enough for a seven-year-old child to read.	CK
245106	Ms. Yamada translated the fascinating fairy tale into plain Japanese.	CK