English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Tag" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2530536	Let's play tag.	CK	1
3147960	Look at the price tag.	CK	1
3147993	I can't see the price tag.	CK	1
1476532	Tom and Mary are playing tag.	Spamster	1
1872441	Tom tried to read Mary's name tag.	CK	1
2539758	I'm just tagging along for the ride.	CK	1
1093120	Tom probably won't want to tag along.	CK	1
27181	The first baseman tagged the runner out.	CK	1
2050682	We're playing tag. Do you want to play with us?	CK	1
1092169	Tom, Mary and John were playing tag on the playground.	CK	1
27153	May I see your claim tags?	CK
3358353	You don't have a name tag.	CK
302840	He glanced at her name tag.	CK
263107	We used to play games like tag.	CK
681541	You can put your name on a name tag.	Source_VOA
45895	The product carries a high price tag.	CK
239203	The dog tagged along after his master.	CK
3147964	Items with a red price tag are on sale.	CK
3147904	Tom looked at the price tag once again.	CK
276953	Could you take off the price tag for me?	CK
3147906	Tom leaned over to look at the price tag.	CK
2835574	You supposed to be wearing your name tag.	CK
1658409	Toyota's new car sports a hefty price tag.	darinmex
3147905	Tom looked at the price tag and shook his head.	CK
3147930	The price tag is still on the shirt Tom is wearing.	CK
3148002	Can you please help me put price tags on everything?	CK
602006	I'm going to run a couple of errands.  Wanna tag along?	darinmex
2530547	There are a bunch of kids playing tag on the playground.	CK
2497545	I really didn't want to play tag with Tom and his friends.	CK
2530549	There are a lot of children playing tag on the playground.	CK
2956384	Tom decided not to buy it after he looked at the price tag.	CK
3147897	Tom was wearing a hat which still had the price tag attached.	CK
2821012	Tom looked at the price tag and realized he didn't have enough money.	CK
3147929	The price tag says one thing, but the dealer will give it to me for a little less.	CK