English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Sympathy" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2203430	I'm sympathetic.	CK	1
2011373	I wanted sympathy.	CK	1
2203428	We're sympathetic.	CK	1
2203429	Tom is sympathetic.	CK	1
2242998	They're sympathetic.	CK	1
1177531	Tom has my sympathy.	CK	1
2548058	Tom was sympathetic.	CK	1
2011647	I don't want sympathy.	CK	1
2547149	I'm not unsympathetic.	CK	1
2237324	Tom looks sympathetic.	CK	1
2273612	Tom is very sympathetic.	CK	1
2271829	I don't deserve sympathy.	CK	1
249291	We felt sympathy for her.	CK	1
2012650	I don't want your sympathy.	CK	1
1028948	Tom felt sympathy for Mary.	CK	1
2237476	Tom nodded sympathetically.	CK	1
54345	Please accept my sympathies.	CK	1
2407715	I thank you for your sympathy.	CK	1
2540501	I'm not looking for your sympathy.	CK	1
2539918	You won't get any sympathy from me.	CK	1
3113584	I thought you'd be more sympathetic.	CK	1
1951577	You can't expect much sympathy from Tom.	CK	1
1029536	Tom called on Mary to express his sympathy.	CK	1
325733	The girl and her parents were very sympathetic.	CK	1
1565751	You have my sympathy.	eastasiastudent
269008	You have my sympathies.	CM
285159	I felt sympathy for him.	CM
3184197	I think Tom is sympathetic.	CK
2958154	Tom smiled sympathetically.	CK
2013572	I want to convey my sympathy.	CK
3172242	Do you think Tom is sympathetic?	CK
23044	We have a lot of sympathies in common.	NekoKanjya
2452045	Tom appealed to his friends for sympathy.	sharptoothed
325826	A good doctor is sympathetic to his patients.	CM
254625	I feel sympathy for people with that disease.	CM
487156	You often find that sympathy turns into love.	CM
40373	Everybody showed sympathy toward the prisoner.	CK
284911	He has no sympathy for single parent families.	CM
847162	His helplessness appeals to her motherly sympathy.	Source_Benedict_1921
388277	She felt sympathy for the orphan and gave him some money.	CK
482693	It's not that I am unsympathetic, but I am not able to help you.	blay_paul