English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Swimsuit" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2548431	Bring your swimsuit.	CK	1
1164296	Tom put on his swimsuit.	CK	1
1159967	Tom wrung the water out of his wet swimsuit.	CK	1
1886231	Could you make sure Tom remembers to bring a swimsuit?	CK	1
1027755	Tom was surprised to see how skimpy Mary's new swimsuit was.	CK	1
1092620	Tom tried to return the swimsuit for a larger size, but the clerk told him that wasn't allowed.	CK	1
2542258	Tom changed into his swimsuit.	CK
3150428	You should probably buy a swimsuit.	CK
253516	I ordered this swimsuit from France.	CK
2360968	I hope you guys brought your swimsuits.	CK
68053	That swimsuit looks really good on you.	CK
3114122	Go inside and change into your swimsuit.	CK
2182386	I'm wearing my swimsuit under my clothes.	Hybrid
2954507	You guys should really be wearing swimsuits.	CK
1096383	Let's change into our swimsuits and go swimming.	CK
2583251	Since Mary gained weight over the winter, I think it's likely her swimsuit won't fit her anymore.	CK