English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Sweep" in Example Sentences
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264792	Sweep my room.	papabear	1
2548069	Tom swept the floor.	CK	1
3120743	I swept the kitchen floor.	chajadan	1
260438	I made him sweep the floor.	CK	1
297712	He ordered me to sweep the room.	CK	1
1095859	Tom asked Mary to sweep the floor.	CK	1
1369535	All you have to do is sweep the floor.	CK	1
1092845	Tom swept the kitchen floor while Mary washed the dishes.	CK	1
1095215	Tom could do nothing but watch Mary being swept down the river.	CK	1
308326	I had her sweep my room.	CK
3100884	I have to sweep my room.	Guybrush88
2167964	I saw her sweep the room.	morgyn
258317	I will sweep out my room.	CK
1838365	Someone swept the pantry.	LanguageExpert
1660868	Tom is sweeping his room.	Amastan
599699	I see her sweeping the room.	baisong
267405	The servant swept the floor.	CK
2958262	Tom swept Mary off her feet.	CK
680757	We need to sweep up the dust.	Source_VOA
1496797	Mary wants to sweep the house.	Spamster
2542222	Tom needed to sweep the floor.	CK
1499040	A cold front swept over Europe.	weihaiping
294436	He had the maid sweep his room.	CK
3120730	I swept the floor in the kitchen.	chajadan
318976	My father is sweeping the garage.	CK
311408	She ordered the room to be swept.	CK
312160	She sweeps the room with a broom.	Nero
313498	She swept the dirt from the porch.	CK
2958261	Tom swept every room in the house.	CK
319611	Did you order the room to be swept?	CM
327938	He swept his brush across the canvas.	CM
275929	A big wave swept the man off the boat.	CK
319610	Sweeping the room is my daughter's job.	CK
285640	His music is sweeping the whole country.	CK
716347	A blast of cold air swept through the house.	Guybrush88
71434	I'll sweep the floor while you wash the dishes.	CK
52895	Mrs. Jones ordered the room to be swept by noon.	CM
18995	Several bridges have been damaged or swept away.	LittleBoy
789369	Tsunamis swept through rice fields and flooded the towns.	Martha
2537199	Tom swept the floor with the new broom Mary had given him.	CK
1165304	After you blow up those balloons, could you sweep the room?	CM
246283	The manager ordered all the rooms to be swept clean as soon as possible.	CK