English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Swear" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2773995	Don't swear.	CK	1
2407148	I swear it was Tom.	CK	1
3060876	Tom swears too much.	sharptoothed	1
2407149	I swear it wasn't me.	CK	1
2407145	I swear I'll stop you.	CK	1
2361708	I swear I didn't see Tom.	CK	1
1469852	Tom swears like a sailor.	Nero	1
2407147	I swear it isn't my fault.	CK	1
2407151	I swear it's not my fault.	CK	1
2407153	I swear that's all I want.	CK	1
2407161	I swore I'd never do that.	CK	1
2407150	I swear it wasn't my fault.	CK	1
2407152	I swear it's the last time.	CK	1
2407144	I swear I won't tell anyone.	CK	1
2407141	I swear I didn't do anything.	CK	1
1642589	I swear I didn't see anything.	marcelostockle	1
2361709	I swear I don't know anything.	CK	1
2407146	I swear I'm telling the truth.	CK	1
2407159	I swore I'd never be like Tom.	CK	1
2407162	I swore I'd never tell anyone.	CK	1
2322736	I don't like it when you swear.	CK	1
2652921	I swear I'll always protect you.	CK	1
2407156	I swear what I told you is true.	CK	1
319857	He often swears when he is angry.	CK	1
2063340	I could've sworn I saw something.	CK	1
2407155	I swear to God I didn't kill Tom.	CK	1
2149112	I could have sworn I saw somebody.	Hybrid	1
2063338	I could've sworn I heard something.	CK	1
2407154	I swear to God I didn't do anything.	CK	1
2407160	I swore I'd never do that to anyone.	CK	1
2407142	I swear I didn't know Tom was coming.	CK	1
3172826	Tom swears he's telling us the truth.	CK	1
2308123	I could have sworn I heard Tom's voice.	CK	1
2308124	I could have sworn I saw Tom kissing Mary.	CK	1
2407143	I swear I never showed anyone that document.	CK	1
1096230	I could have sworn that I saw Tom downtown today.	CK	1
1024122	Tom swore that he ate at least twice as much as his wife.	CK	1
2258463	He started swearing.	_undertoad
240479	Don't swear in public.	CK
1129645	I swear I'll shoot you.	alexmarcelo
1663467	Tom is swearing at Ken.	Amastan
1517417	They taught me to swear.	weihaiping
297171	He was sworn in as mayor.	CK
3184213	I thinks Tom swears too much.	CK
3060606	Has the witness been sworn in?	sharptoothed
1405384	I swear, I didn't do anything.	alanood
15951	You should swear on the Bible.	Eldad
1512673	I swear I was going to share it.	aat2u
906901	What's your favorite swear word?	CK
718481	He swore never to trust her again.	darinmex