English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Survey" in Example Sentences
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2007729	Let's take a survey.	CK	1
2544494	We're conducting a survey.	CK	1
1238471	There's a new survey.	Guybrush88
1238470	There is a new survey.	Guybrush88
20797	Survey the landscape below.	Zifre
307582	They will survey the desert island.	CK
681464	Their research used a survey method.	Source_VOA
300132	He ordered them to survey population growth.	CK
291172	He drew his conclusions based on that survey.	CM
295182	He stood on the hill surveying the landscape.	CM
262954	We surveyed the view from the top of the hill.	CK
1898447	A survey shows that many businessmen skip lunch.	CK
1343756	She is basing her research on the results of the survey.	Chrikaru
44708	The results of the survey will be announced in due course.	CK
1405934	The survey revealed that most pregnant women prefer girls.	CM
241740	For the time being, I will wait for the result of the survey.	CM
243776	A recent survey shows that the number of smokers is decreasing.	CK
3060960	You'd better have the land surveyed before you decide to build on it.	sharptoothed
243794	A recent survey reveals that the population density in the metropolis is decreasing.	CM
325752	The fee includes the payment for professional services needed to complete the survey.	CK