English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Surround" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1893613	We're surrounded.	CK	1
2240305	We surrounded Tom.	CK	1
2239862	Tom was surrounded.	CK	1
2241509	We were surrounded.	CK	1
2235920	They surrounded Tom.	CK	1
2253689	They're surrounding us.	CK	1
2953946	We're surrounded by police.	CK	1
299146	He sat surrounded by young girls.	CK	1
967723	The house was surrounded by fields.	Guybrush88	1
1396058	Tom is surrounded by beautiful women.	Spamster	1
300501	He was sitting surrounded by the students.	Eldad	1
326445	The old man sat surrounded by the children.	CK	1
272917	The teacher was surrounded by her students.	CK	1
326407	An old man sat surrounded by his grandchildren.	CK	1
2342644	The building is surrounded by a barbed wire fence.	Hybrid	1
269120	I found it pretty hard to adjust to my new surroundings.	CK	1
1990393	Japan is a country that is completely surrounded by oceans.	CK	1
1111712	You're surrounded.	Scott
2944269	I'm surrounded by enemies.	Hybrid
806956	The Iraqis were surrounded.	Source_VOA
295656	He was surrounded by the crowd.	CK
3310020	We've got the house surrounded.	CK
294440	He sat surrounded by his family.	CK
803050	Brown saw that he was surrounded.	Source_VOA
435110	His house is surrounded by trees.	lukaszpp
297124	He sat surrounded by his children.	CK
25419	Music surrounds our lives like air.	NekoKanjya
314006	She sat surrounded by her children.	CK
681323	The lake is surrounded by mountains.	Source_VOA
2280862	The old city is surrounded by walls.	ichivivi20
433992	The surrounding area was very quiet.	CK
315613	She sat surround by her grandchildren.	Liface
239991	The lake is surrounded by green hills.	CK
301033	He sat surrounded by his grandchildren.	CK
297155	He sat there surrounded by his children.	CK
251504	My town is surrounded by tall mountains.	CK
48461	The police have surrounded the building.	CK
290229	He soon got used to the new surroundings.	CK
898907	Her house is surrounded by a white fence.	CK
807427	The island was now surrounded by militia.	Source_VOA
266301	The surrounding hills protected the town.	CK
249429	We stayed at a hotel surrounded by trees.	CK
1164068	He likes being surrounded by young people.	Chrikaru
671667	Most castles have a moat surrounding them.	darinmex
562104	He was surrounded by a throng of reporters.	darinmex
1114857	It contrasts sharply with its surroundings.	Guybrush88
269122	He felt ill at ease in the new surroundings.	CK
56110	I see that I am surrounded by hostile faces.	Nero
44961	The garden was surrounded by a wooden fence.	CK
44942	The robber stood surrounded by ten policemen.	CM