English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Surrender" in Example Sentences
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2246292	I surrender.	Hybrid	1
2764278	He surrendered.	CK	1
2107670	We surrendered.	CK	1
2203839	Tom surrendered.	CK	1
2203838	Who surrendered?	CK	1
2235684	Did Tom surrender?	CK	1
2713714	We won't surrender.	CK	1
2547819	I'll never surrender.	CK	1
2249408	Just don't surrender.	CK	1
2547494	We have to surrender.	CK	1
2273766	We will not surrender.	CK	1
2960511	Tom refused to surrender.	Hybrid	1
1332077	I'd rather die than surrender.	CK	1
2246291	We surrender.	Hybrid
806904	The Mexicans surrendered.	Source_VOA
802172	They would not surrender.	Source_VOA
802979	He would have to surrender.	Source_VOA
806936	Herold agreed to surrender.	Source_VOA
3360267	You might as well surrender.	CK
807055	Johnston decided to surrender.	Source_VOA
807084	Tokyo surrendered within days.	Source_VOA
3060834	They surrendered to the Allies.	sharptoothed
2269024	Two divisions have surrendered.	_undertoad
241205	I would rather die than surrender.	CK
807301	The enemy has demanded our surrender.	Source_VOA
265892	The garrison was forced to surrender.	CM
807303	The government of Mexico surrendered.	Source_VOA
2267963	The battalion surrendered to the enemy.	_undertoad
802419	They surrendered their guns and horses.	Source_VOA
1637313	He who surrenders hope, surrenders life.	dimitris
802423	In less than one week, they surrendered.	Source_VOA
320104	The soldiers were told never to surrender.	CK
807479	Queen Liliuokalani was forced to surrender.	Source_VOA
22159	The pirates had no choice but to surrender.	NekoKanjya
1793770	Your lives will be spared if you surrender.	Spamster
3152715	The police gave Tom the chance to surrender.	CK
237785	The army surrendered its arsenal to the enemy.	CM
804068	The British commander was forced to surrender.	Source_VOA
2163165	The police persuaded the criminal to surrender his weapon.	Source_VOA