English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Surgery" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2246017	I need surgery.	CK	1
2255174	You need surgery.	CK	1
2648497	Is Tom in surgery?	CK	1
2244700	Tom needs surgery.	CK	1
2957128	Tom is in surgery now.	CK	1
1476169	Tom underwent surgery.	Spamster	1
2391517	I recently had surgery.	CK	1
2012108	I don't want the surgery.	CK	1
1553874	Tom had open heart surgery.	Spamster	1
858855	She decided to have surgery.	piksea	1
2954983	You're not scheduled for surgery.	CK	1
2331648	I had back surgery a couple of months ago.	CK	1
2031572	Tom made it clear that he didn't want surgery.	CK	1
434516	Do I need surgery?	lukaszpp
687530	When is my surgery?	lukaszpp
266021	Will surgery help it?	CM
1366466	Do I need the surgery?	MrShoval
3023599	Tom is still in surgery.	CK
858856	He decided to have surgery.	piksea
266015	Surgery is the best solution.	CK
1578304	The surgery is quite difficult.	corvard
2958547	Tom was in surgery for three hours.	CK
1975758	Who actually performed the surgery?	CK
256886	I underwent major surgery last year.	CK
1578288	Is the patient prepared for surgery?	corvard
299845	He is the foremost authority on heart surgery.	CK
615285	I kept him company while his wife was in surgery.	darinmex
2958130	Tom should be out of surgery in about three hours.	CK
1152207	Plastic surgery alone will not make you any less ugly.	belgavox
546773	Cosmetic surgery is not covered by most insurance plans.	darinmex
6052	Even plastic surgery won't do anything for your ugliness.	Zifre
3325250	Even before the plastic surgery, Mary wasn't unattractive.	CK
3043468	Mary was left badly scarred after botched plastic surgery.	patgfisher
329119	The surgery, performed at our clinic, is over in half an hour.	fcbond