English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Suppress" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2546954	Tom suppressed a grin.	CK	1
2646294	Tom suppressed a yawn.	CK	1
2546355	Tom suppressed a smile.	CK	1
1954945	You can't suppress the truth.	CK	1
1095049	Tom couldn't suppress his anger.	CK	1
252653	I suppressed a yawn.	CM
2703353	He suppressed his anger.	WestofEden
1009213	She can't suppress her emotions.	AOCinJAPAN
2063963	Tom is trying to suppress a smile.	Tamy
313049	She couldn't suppress her emotions.	CK
43975	The riot was suppressed without difficulty.	CM
43974	It will take a long time to suppress the revolt.	CM
1009217	It was very hard for her to suppress her emotions.	AOCinJAPAN
286817	When I saw his new hairstyle I tried hard to suppress my laughter.	CM
1244394	Suppressing one's romantic feelings is not the same as having no such feelings.	Scott