English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Supporter" in Example Sentences
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806938	His supporters were afraid.	Source_VOA
287306	He has a wealthy supporter behind him.	CK
802396	They called British supporters Tories.	Source_VOA
970674	Your father's friends aren't his only supporters.	NekoKanjya
16918	Your father's supporters are not limited to his friends.	Dejo
288301	He stayed in his hotel most of the next day, talking to friends and supporters.	CM
63066	Some of Martin Luther King's supporters began to question his belief in peaceful protests.	CM
877824	Although he had fewer supporters among the governing class, he was able to get the popular vote.	alexmarcelo
516340	Cesar Chavez asked that strikers remain non-violent even though farm owners and their supporters sometimes used violence.	CM