English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Support" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2406854	I support you 100%.	CK	1
2248267	I'm supporting you.	CK	1
2300264	I came to support Tom.	CK	1
2646001	Thanks for the support.	CK	1
2645857	Tom is on life-support.	CK	1
2645805	Tom needs your support.	CK	1
2545984	I'm here to support Tom.	CK	1
1164320	Tom pledged his support.	CK	1
260632	I don't support his ideas.	CK	1
2953544	We appreciate the support.	CK	1
284933	He has a family to support.	CK	1
1094021	Tom gave Mary moral support.	CK	1
2328062	I fully support your proposal.	CK	1
2388093	I never expected your support.	CK	1
321790	I support you whole-heartedly.	CK	1
22767	We expected him to support us.	CK	1
1095906	Tom appreciated Mary's support.	CK	1
1094916	Tom definitely has our support.	CK	1
2406855	I support you a hundred percent.	CK	1
284936	He has a large family to support.	CK	1
1316106	He supports the Democratic Party.	CK	1
1095702	Tom called tech support for help.	CK	1
2406856	I support you one hundred percent.	CK	1
1025300	Tom has three children to support.	CK	1
1095652	Tom can make it without Mary's support.	CK	1
1936315	I'd like to thank everyone for their support.	CK	1
953404	I can't tell you how much your support means to us.	CK	1
30660	With his support, she might have been elected mayor.	CM	1
1027652	Almost all of Tom's money goes to supporting his family.	CK	1
1029201	Tom doesn't earn enough money to support a woman like Mary.	CK	1
953557	I never thought I would have to support such a large family.	CK	1
1027710	Tom wouldn't have been able to manage without Mary's support.	CK	1
1092425	Tom was determined to continue his support for as long as it took.	CK	1
1025928	Tom doesn't want an iPad. He wants a portable device that supports Flash.	CK	1
1096170	It hasn't been easy for Tom to earn enough money to support his large family.	CK	1
1356927	I support him.	sacredceltic
1356913	I supported him.	sacredceltic
967860	I'll support him.	FeuDRenais
1392608	I will support him.	CM
2041668	No one supported me.	nava
1329084	Nobody supported her.	Eldad
1166445	We need your support.	etoile
1011300	I support the proposal.	Nero
803003	Did he support her idea?	Source_VOA
312538	She supports her family.	CK
2645457	Thanks for your support.	CK
1933614	I appreciate the support.	CK
2644639	You have my full support.	CK
2545058	You have my support, Tom.	CK
806916	Her courage supported her.	Source_VOA