English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Supply" in Example Sentences
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2648634	We need supplies.	CK	1
2359365	I've brought supplies.	CK	1
2546059	I'll need some supplies.	CK	1
2545381	I'm here to buy supplies.	CK	1
2953718	We need medical supplies.	CK	1
268811	Food has been in short supply.	CM	1
1164405	Tom needed some fresh supplies.	CK	1
2541379	I'm going to need some supplies.	CK	1
2276674	Our supplies won't last forever.	CK	1
2402170	We need to get some medical supplies.	CK	1
2216171	Have you checked our supplies recently?	CK	1
2210703	Why don't you go and buy some supplies?	CK	1
2991810	Let's conserve our limited water supply.	CK	1
2406853	I supplied Tom with everything he needed.	CK	1
903697	There is an urgent need for medical supplies.	CK	1
281205	Computer supplies are very expensive in Japan.	CM	1
60907	This dam supplies us with water and electricity.	CM	1
266248	There is close relationship between supply and demand.	CM	1
1026103	Tom doesn't know if he has enough money to buy school supplies.	CK	1
263572	Cows supply milk.	CK
804279	Supplies were very low.	Source_VOA
804281	Their supplies were low.	Source_VOA
2264641	All the supplies ran out.	_undertoad
19503	Cows supply us with milk.	CK
804280	Supplies were no problem.	Source_VOA
307336	They supplied money to him.	CK
306654	They supplied us with food.	CK
804282	People fought over supplies.	Source_VOA
2254433	Our supplies are running out.	_undertoad
2464709	The supplies began to run out.	sharptoothed
3060918	We're running out of supplies.	sharptoothed
275973	Our water supply is very short.	CM
23385	Our supply of food is exhausted.	Swift
2985573	Our supply of sugar has run out.	sharptoothed
27159	Printing ink is in short supply.	NekoKanjya
320526	The supplies will give out soon.	CK
270918	The water supply was turned off.	CM
3123193	Tom looked through the supplies.	CK
272244	Supplies of oil are not infinite.	CK
19283	Supply will soon overtake demand.	NekoKanjya
268798	There are abundant food supplies.	CM
69346	Can you supply me with all I need?	CM
802348	They burned the captured supplies.	Source_VOA
3150751	I need to buy some school supplies.	CK
2891392	I need to go pick up some supplies.	CK
24422	Prices depend on supply and demand.	CK
3060782	That store supplies us with coffee.	sharptoothed
23310	We have a plentiful supply of water.	CK
804283	Grant was not worried about supplies.	Source_VOA
3150769	I gave Tom money to buy art supplies.	CK