English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Supper" in Example Sentences
Page 1

1487698	I made supper.	marshmallowcat	1
2245982	I missed supper.	CK	1
3184877	Stay for supper.	CK	1
2789724	Let's eat supper.	CK	1
1539914	What's for supper?	SHamp	1
3155863	Mom, when's supper?	CK	1
54225	Now eat your supper.	CK	1
594684	What time is supper?	CK	1
2879530	Supper's getting cold.	CK	1
262099	I studied before supper.	CK	1
1847694	Tom ate an early supper.	CK	1
2487716	Tom is preparing supper.	CK	1
63952	Mom is fixing supper now.	CM	1
1072640	Have you eaten supper yet?	CK	1
257813	I cooked supper last night.	CK	1
1397259	Tom invited Mary to supper.	Eldad	1
2998835	Tom hasn't eaten supper yet.	CK	1
324630	What time do you have supper?	jakov	1
1072639	Have you already eaten supper?	CK	1
298580	He prepared supper by himself.	CK	1
317320	She became drowsy after supper.	CK	1
324627	What would you like for supper?	CK	1
1053226	Tom, what do you want for supper?	CK	1
255665	I have not yet finished my supper.	CK	1
249451	We were seated at the supper table.	CK	1
263283	We have supper at six every evening.	CK	1
2539509	I'll make it back in time for supper.	CK	1
319384	My father takes a bath before supper.	CK	1
262088	I finished doing the work before supper.	CK	1
324659	The telephone rang while I was having supper.	Dejo	1
324597	After he finished supper, he began to read the novel.	CK	1
1027511	I think it's unlikely that Tom will get back in time for supper.	CK	1
16740	You should apologize to Dad for not coming home in time for supper.	CK	1
1095113	Tom couldn't get to sleep because he had drunk too much coffee after supper.	CK	1
3060760	Supper is ready.	sharptoothed
324639	Shall I fix you supper?	Zifre
2992095	Can Tom stay for supper?	CK
2658108	Who's coming for supper?	Joseph
3154887	Come and eat your supper.	CK
258356	I will eat supper at seven.	CK
2264170	Can you see me after supper?	sharptoothed
304477	He went to bed after supper.	CK
259223	I got my son to cook supper.	CK
31141	I have already had my supper.	CK
3166734	She set the table for supper.	Tabasco1999
2998833	Tom has already eaten supper.	CK
262093	I play the piano after supper.	CK
1439844	My mother is preparing supper.	CK
3195697	Try not to be late for supper.	CK
2259833	What are we having for supper?	_undertoad