English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Sunglasses" in Example Sentences
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436689	I have sunglasses.	lukaszpp	1
2481021	I lost my sunglasses.	Hybrid	1
2707469	I'm wearing sunglasses.	CK	1
3155586	Put your sunglasses on.	CK	1
2826550	He's wearing sunglasses.	CK	1
2645173	Where are my sunglasses?	CK	1
2706792	Tom is wearing sunglasses.	CK	1
2544548	Tom put on his sunglasses.	CK	1
2276927	Tom took off his sunglasses.	CK	1
1025468	Tom has a new pair of sunglasses.	CK	1
1741749	I wear sunglasses almost every day.	Amastan	1
3264767	Tom bought a new pair of sunglasses.	CK	1
1092899	Tom sometimes wears sunglasses indoors.	CK	1
2031590	You've got my sunglasses and I want them back.	CK	1
1954785	Tom can't remember where he put his sunglasses.	CK	1
1040560	Tom shoved his sunglasses to the top of his head.	CK	1
2327211	I found a pair of sunglasses by the swimming pool.	CK	1
3023970	This is the pair of sunglasses I bought in Boston.	CK	1
1024042	Tom usually wears sunglasses even when it's not so bright.	CK	1
456701	She has sunglasses.	lukaszpp
296444	He is wearing sunglasses.	CK
3047993	My sunglasses are broken.	McBridge9
510848	She's wearing sunglasses.	wma
687756	Who wears the sunglasses?	lukaszpp
2276840	He removed his sunglasses.	Hybrid
2644376	Tom is wearing sunglasses.	CK
2957598	Tom often wears sunglasses.	CK
2643923	Tom removed his sunglasses.	CK
463140	These sunglasses are too big.	lukaszpp
2542684	I bought a pair of sunglasses.	CK
965559	I've got a pair of sunglasses.	FeuDRenais
2642376	Tom gave his sunglasses to Mary.	CK
279485	I need a good pair of sunglasses.	CK
462938	The sunglasses cost twenty euros.	lukaszpp
2700693	I bought a large pair of sunglasses.	Hybrid
53936	Sunglasses protect our eyes from the sun.	CK
2712652	Tom and Mary were both wearing sunglasses.	CK
2952020	I don't remember where I put my sunglasses.	CK
1230078	Why does your mother always wear sunglasses?	Guybrush88
462958	The television costs more than the sunglasses.	lukaszpp
2612665	Tom always wears sunglasses and a trench coat.	Hybrid
1742016	"Whose sunglasses are these?" "They are Nabil's."	Amastan
275049	I wore sunglasses to protect my eyes from the sun.	CK
2639986	Tom is wearing the sunglasses he bought yesterday.	CK
681357	Mary is sensitive to light, so she wears sunglasses.	Source_VOA
2639884	Tom took his sunglasses off and handed them to Mary.	CK
54696	What do you need sunglasses for in such a dark place?	CK
2537325	Tom usually wears sunglasses whenever he goes outside.	CK
1941288	Today it's very sunny, so everyone is wearing sunglasses.	_undertoad
2422288	The sunglasses made him look like an undercover policeman.	orcrist