English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Suffer" in Example Sentences
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2649040	Did they suffer?	CK	1
2215733	Tom will suffer.	CK	1
2107614	Tom's suffering.	CK	1
2236225	Tom didn't suffer.	CK	1
2237022	Tom isn't suffering.	CK	1
2011803	I wanted Tom to suffer.	CK	1
2255457	You've suffered enough.	CK	1
2243730	They've suffered enough.	CK	1
1637224	Tom suffers from asthma.	Spamster	1
1954584	You can't let Tom suffer.	CK	1
2279380	Tom didn't suffer, did he?	CK	1
2276232	I don't think Tom suffered.	CK	1
1519605	Tom suffered minor injuries.	Spamster	1
1024853	Tom is suffering from a cold.	CK	1
2276370	Tom is suffering from cancer.	CK	1
302008	He is suffering from a headache.	CK	1
2015118	Do you really want Tom to suffer?	CK	1
1141205	Tom often suffers from headaches.	CK	1
1748	Why is life so full of suffering?	Swift	1
2540466	I'm suffering from a broken heart.	CK	1
251728	My father is suffering from a cold.	CK	1
1360862	You don't need to suffer in silence.	CK	1
2734325	Tom is suffering from a bad headache.	CK	1
2025841	I don't really want to see you suffer.	CK	1
251744	My father is suffering from influenza.	CK	1
3228015	Tom's team suffered a crushing defeat.	patgfisher	1
314935	She's suffering from a serious disease.	CK	1
2362133	I just couldn't watch Tom suffer anymore.	CK	1
1025414	Tom has been suffering from a headache all day.	CK	1
682105	For years, Tom suffered from migraine headaches.	Source_VOA	1
2033877	Tom wants Mary to suffer for what she did to him.	CK	1
2401193	Tom seems to be suffering from a guilty conscience.	CK	1
73130	It's been a week, but I'm still suffering from jet lag.	CK	1
2150575	Tom suffered from a heart attack and almost died waiting for the ambulance.	galoosh33	1
436967	I suffer from asthma.	lukaszpp
301036	He suffered great losses.	CM
778811	The people are suffering.	FeuDRenais
18392	It is man's lot to suffer.	CK
2349346	I want to watch you suffer.	Hybrid
303431	He is suffering from a cold.	CK
293472	He suffered from a bad cold.	CK
802989	He suffered from rheumatism.	Source_VOA
806972	Her health seemed to suffer.	Source_VOA
800252	We suffered a lot of damage.	FeuDRenais
2911970	How much more must we suffer?	CK
682106	I hate to see animals suffer.	Source_VOA
803086	He had suffered some failures.	Source_VOA
701786	It is man's destiny to suffer.	Eldad
807058	Kuwait suffered severe damage.	Source_VOA
3317214	Tom suffers from osteoporosis.	Guybrush88