English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Successful" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2203422	I'm successful.	CK	1
2203419	We're successful.	CK	1
1886874	Is Tom successful?	CK	1
2203421	Tom is successful.	CK	1
2203420	You're successful.	CK	1
2239860	Tom was successful.	CK	1
2248312	I'm very successful.	CK	1
1886823	Were you successful?	CK	1
2243503	They were successful.	CK	1
2237676	Tom seemed successful.	CK	1
2243708	They're very successful.	CK	1
2645239	Tom won't be successful.	CK	1
2272140	They won't be successful.	CK	1
2359249	I haven't been successful.	CK	1
453383	The concert was successful.	saasmath	1
1488744	Tom is a successful lawyer.	Spamster	1
265199	The experiment was successful.	CK	1
2015277	We all want Tom to be successful.	CK	1
953313	He beat the odds and was successful.	CK	1
1093583	Tom hasn't been all that successful.	CK	1
1027034	Tom became a successful photographer.	CK	1
1093588	Tom has what it takes to be successful.	CK	1
2401216	Tom wants to be a successful architect.	CK	1
953683	I used to dream about being a successful businessman.	CK	1
1026881	Tom came up with various ideas on how to make his business more successful.	CK	1
1094927	Tom decided to try trimming his beard with a knife, but he wasn't very successful.	CK	1
2020918	He's a successful banker.	Spamster
2756587	He is a successful lawyer.	Max101
3184038	I think Tom is successful.	CK
2644158	All of them are successful.	CK
3312811	We think we'll be successful.	CK
803006	He became a successful lawyer.	Source_VOA
1687496	He's a successful businessman.	Spamster
294319	He is successful in everything.	CK
2956093	Tom became a successful lawyer.	CK
290876	He was successful in the attempt.	CM
1687499	She's a successful businesswoman.	Spamster
311255	She was successful in the attempt.	CK
2957029	Tom is a successful dermatologist.	CK
2667368	Tom was more successful than Mary.	meerkat
803096	He was successful in several areas.	Source_VOA
48524	The plan has been successful so far.	CK
802421	They had never been very successful.	Source_VOA
3023700	Tom is a really successful musician.	CK
287260	His attempt to escape was successful.	CK
2957035	Tom is a very successful businessman.	CK
241891	So far everything has been successful.	CK
1926408	The new plan has been very successful.	dexique
65120	On the whole, the event was successful.	CK
70809	Thanks to your help, we were successful.	CK