English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Subway" in Example Sentences
Page 1

613111	They went by subway.	CK	1
307130	They took the subway.	CK	1
277075	Let's take the subway.	CK	1
277076	Do you have a subway map?	CK	1
259409	I go to school by subway.	CK	1
38154	Where do I get the subway?	CK	1
68126	His house is near the subway.	CK	1
1293296	His house is near the subway station.	CK	1
1093309	Tom left his briefcase on the subway.	CK	1
27647	Is it dangerous to take a subway alone?	CK	1
1092587	Tom usually takes the subway to school.	CK	1
242257	I wish the subway wasn't so crowded every morning.	CK	1
1092350	Tom was stabbed to death by someone on the subway.	CK	1
267480	I expect a subway station will be here in the future.	CK	1
269210	The new subway enables me to get to school in 20 minutes.	CK	1
293297	He often uses a subway.	CM
2267781	Take the subway right here.	_undertoad
277074	I want to get there by subway.	CK
3357772	I don't like riding the subway.	CK
313337	She got on the subway at Ginza.	CK
503017	Could I have a subway map, please?	CK
1740389	I take the subway almost every day.	Amastan
243724	Where's the nearest subway station?	CK
1371879	Where is the closest subway station?	Eldad
62110	Where is the nearest subway station?	CK
319091	Father takes the 7:00 subway to work.	CM
277073	I struggled to get out of the subway.	fucongcong
2259439	The subway entrance is on the corner.	_undertoad
764152	I'd rather go by subway than by train.	Dejo
1293297	That person's house is near the subway.	CK
37475	What subway goes to the center of town?	CM
40966	Which is quicker, a taxi or the subway?	Swift
2846006	My credit card was stolen on the subway.	englishchinese
277083	The subway is faster than the streetcar.	CM
35388	Do you go by bus, by train, or by subway?	CM
3204301	Tell Tom to meet us at the subway station.	CK
277085	Could you tell me where I can get a subway?	CM
261808	I get on the subway every morning at Ginza.	CK
311962	She transferred from the bus to the subway.	CK
1748133	When was the last time you took the subway?	Amastan
682250	The subway in London is known as "the Tube."	Source_VOA
277081	Can you tell me where the subway entrance is?	CK
761664	I prefer to go by subway, rather than by train.	CM
243722	Can you direct me to the nearest subway station?	CK
277077	Could you tell me the way to the subway station?	CK
277078	Can you give me directions to the subway station?	CK
2267036	I lost my bearings when I came out of the subway.	_undertoad
73253	Subway fares will be raised as of April 1st, 1999.	CM
1874337	When I lived in Rome, I took the subway every day.	kerbear407
277087	Could you tell me how to get to the subway station?	CK