English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Strike" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2248198	I'm on strike.	CK	1
292918	He struck a match.	CK	1
326360	The workers are on strike.	CK	1
325159	Lightning struck the tower.	CK	1
1140930	Tom was struck by lightning.	CK	1
2706795	Lightning struck Tom's house.	CK	1
240718	Strike while the iron is hot.	CM	1
2288489	Didn't that strike you as odd?	CK	1
43809	The tree was struck by lightning.	CK	1
682090	Tom struck the wall with his fist.	Source_VOA	1
254247	I saw the house struck by lightning.	Dejo	1
1023946	Tom was struck by lightning and died.	CK	1
51884	The strike affected the nation's economy.	CK	1
681359	Tom has been struck by lightning three times.	Source_VOA	1
1850	I'm at the hospital. I got struck by lightning.	Swift	1
2021214	He's love struck.	Spamster
817764	There is a strike.	Cocorico
264035	The clock struck ten.	CM
310357	A good idea struck her.	CM
2215959	The workers are striking.	Guybrush88
305242	Their ship struck a rock.	CM
2544955	I was struck by lightning.	CK
2057174	It's not exactly a strike.	Nero
287636	He was struck off the list.	CM
2752750	I was struck by her beauty.	carlosalberto
2258960	It struck like a bombshell!	_undertoad
1078025	Lightning struck his house.	keira_n
2718462	The workers went on strike.	Hybrid
3060900	We finally struck a bargain.	sharptoothed
297494	He struck at me with a stick.	CM
3060644	I struck Tom in self-defense.	sharptoothed
47970	The idea struck me as absurd.	CM
29697	Strike his name from the list.	CM
3060754	Strike out the last paragraph.	sharptoothed
264040	The clock has just struck ten.	CK
1299347	The clock struck half past 12.	NekoKanjya
807071	Then the Germans struck again.	Source_VOA
3060830	They struck oil here recently.	sharptoothed
265254	A good idea suddenly struck me.	Dejo
2721309	I struck the wall with my fist.	Amastan
3060698	It strikes me as a bit unusual.	sharptoothed
3060756	Strike Tom's name off the list.	sharptoothed
322900	A good idea suddenly struck her.	CM
289796	He struck his fist on the table.	CM
309290	Her behavior struck me as silly.	CM
2541274	That strike lasted three months.	CK
264041	The clock has just struck three.	CK
326369	The labor union called a strike.	CM
286167	His words struck terror into her.	CM
3060806	The ship struck a submerged rock.	sharptoothed