English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Stream" in Example Sentences
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530769	He sat next to the stream.	CK	1
325455	The stream is not very swift.	CK	1
495618	The stream flows into the pond.	CK	1
300675	He sat at the edge of the stream.	CK	1
325457	Never swap horses while crossing a stream.	CM	1
1095949	Tom and Mary pitched their tent near the stream.	CK	1
273225	The stream becomes shallower as you move upriver.	CM	1
2063253	When Tom put his foot into the stream, he felt something bite his toe.	CK	1
3060934	Where can we cross the stream?	sharptoothed
250502	A small stream runs by my house.	CM
19553	The ball rolled into the stream.	papabear
851965	There is no water in the stream.	marloncori
297562	He flung a stream of abuse at me.	CM
33727	The boat drifted down the stream.	CK
851949	There is some coal in the stream.	marloncori
851953	There is a house across the stream.	marloncori
282573	The white boat went down the stream.	CM
238470	A stream of people came out of the theater.	CM
282371	I'll try to jump over this stream on a horse.	CK
802621	They had to build bridges over the many streams.	Source_VOA
1094071	Tom followed the stream for a couple of kilometers.	CK
18970	As he crossed the bridge, he looked down at the stream.	CK
282722	A girl came running, with her hair streaming in the wind.	CM
316992	She read his letter, with tears streaming down her cheeks.	CM
3060822	There's been a steady stream of cars on the highway all day.	sharptoothed