English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Stranger" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2600792	I was a stranger.	anemone	1
2272878	Tom is a stranger.	CK	1
2548543	Tom was a stranger.	CK	1
1845518	Don't be a stranger.	CK	1
61358	I'm a stranger here.	CK	1
1893629	We're not strangers.	CK	1
253493	I am a stranger here.	CK	1
1868133	Tom isn't a stranger.	CK	1
2277344	Don't trust strangers.	CK	1
239335	A stranger spoke to me.	CK	1
270162	Never trust a stranger.	CK	1
1025144	Tom is a stranger here.	CK	1
2194376	I don't trust strangers.	Hybrid	1
261373	She is a stranger to me.	CK	1
315249	She is shy of strangers.	CK	1
33450	I was a stranger in Boston.	CK	1
2955597	Tom and I aren't strangers.	CK	1
2396215	I've never trusted strangers.	CK	1
1093494	Tom is a stranger in this town.	CK	1
257263	I saw a stranger enter that house.	CK	1
247751	We saw a stranger enter the house.	CK	1
262991	We saw a stranger walking outside.	CK	1
37063	Tom is ill at ease among strangers.	CK	1
258855	I saw a stranger standing at the door.	CK	1
2400151	Tom doesn't like talking to strangers.	CK	1
277007	Tom trained his dog to bark at strangers.	CK	1
239333	A stranger spoke to me on the crowded bus.	CK	1
587800	There is a stranger in front of the house.	CK	1
266292	The people standing around were all strangers.	CK	1
1088550	Strangers close by are better than family far away.	CK	1
1355261	My kid is shy around strangers and always hides behind me.	CK	1
1088547	A stranger living nearby is better than a relative living far away.	CK	1
3060940	Who is that stranger?	sharptoothed
2250433	Don't talk to strangers.	hayastan
295809	He is no stranger to me.	CK
1512249	Never talk to strangers.	alexmarcelo
292896	He was an utter stranger.	CM
313402	She is no stranger to me.	CM
2194375	We don't trust strangers.	Hybrid
2264605	A stranger approached him.	_undertoad
253708	I am still a stranger here.	CK
262333	I'm a stranger here myself.	CK
52424	Sorry, I'm a stranger here.	CK
262583	Our dog will bite strangers.	CK
48232	The dog barks at a stranger.	CK
239336	The stranger came toward me.	CK
2957241	Tom is shy around strangers.	CK
239190	A dog will bark at strangers.	CK
300592	He is a total stranger to me.	CK
292906	He wasn't exactly a stranger.	CK