English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Stage" in Example Sentences
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2387135	I met Tom back stage.	CK	1
1093921	Tom got stage fright.	CK	1
2350805	Where is the stage door?	hutian	1
953883	I've always wanted to sing on stage.	CK	1
1199359	Have you ever heard her sing on stage?	CK	1
2291831	I always get nervous before I go on stage.	CK	1
1961529	I thought Tom was the best singer on stage tonight.	CK	1
1027176	Tom always gets nervous just before he goes on stage.	CK	1
243977	I had stage fright at first, but I got over it quickly.	CK	1
2006576	Tom wears a modified fishing vest to hold all his harmonicas when he performs on stage.	CK	1
303378	He acted on the stage.	CM
1860692	Just get off the stage.	CK
2544446	Have you seen Tom on stage?	CK
321953	I got nervous on the stage.	CK
303382	He is standing on the stage.	CK
3113146	Tom was booed off the stage.	CK
297753	He made me sing on the stage.	CK
55130	These pillars support the stage.	CM
3113144	Everyone booed Tom off the stage.	CK
42629	It is still in the testing stage.	CM
319460	The stage was lit from both sides.	CM
311010	She is singing a song on the stage.	CK
270606	Some people compare life to a stage.	CM
282423	The actors are waiting on the stage.	CK
246254	The conductor appeared on the stage.	CK
3045823	I can't see the stage from this seat.	sharptoothed
319456	Who is the girl singing on the stage?	CM
310073	She went on the stage when she was 16.	CM
303381	He died of a heart attack on the stage.	CM
2481215	This seat has a clear view of the stage.	sharptoothed
303379	He has made a fine comeback on the stage.	CM
51907	The man dancing on the stage is my uncle.	CK
58215	I can't see the stage well from this seat.	CK
3308384	I want you to picture me singing on stage.	CK
319457	I'll never forget seeing her on the stage.	CK
3045703	The actor walked on stage carrying a spear.	sharptoothed
319458	Are there any famous musicians on the stage?	CK
46575	The actress greeted her fans from the stage.	CK
303383	He was left alone in the center of the stage.	CK
2270165	When the curtain went up, the stage was dark.	_undertoad
308363	Her first appearance on the stage was in 1969.	CM
240290	The negotiations are at a very delicate stage.	CM
803284	Booth broke his leg when he hit the stage floor.	Source_VOA
660428	A little stage fright is normal before a concert.	Nero
288844	He became the finest actor on the American stage.	CK
2639981	Tom picked up his guitar and headed for the stage.	CK
3024419	Everyone applauded as Tom walked out onto the stage.	CK
954251	Ready or not, we have to be on stage in five minutes.	CK
311011	She ran over her lines once before she went on stage.	sacredceltic
1343909	He walked onto stage while the audience were applauding.	Chrikaru