English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Sprinkle" in Example Sentences
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26995	It began to sprinkle.	CK	1
1024138	Tom sprinkled some sugar on the toast.	CK	1
1075860	Tom tasted the popcorn and decided it wasn't salty enough, so he sprinkled on some more salt.	CK	1
2643160	Tom turned off the sprinkler.	CK
3045631	Tom sprinkled ashes on the icy sidewalk.	sharptoothed
3045743	It's not raining hard. It's just a sprinkle.	sharptoothed
1961432	I thought this building had a sprinkler system.	CK
282550	There was a sprinkling of foreigners among the visitors in the museum.	CM