English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Sprain" in Example Sentences
Page 1

301016	He sprained his ankle.	CK	1
1092879	Tom sprained his ankle.	CK	1
2722453	Tom sprained his wrist.	Hybrid	1
34994	I sprained my finger while playing volleyball.	CK	1
2308127	I could have won the race if I hadn't sprained my ankle.	CK	1
3331112	You sprained your ankle.	CK
2722452	How did you sprain your wrist, Tom?	Hybrid
2958393	Tom tripped and sprained his ankle.	CK
1343858	She sprained both of her wrists in the fall.	Chrikaru
2640111	Tom sprained his ankle, but he's going to be OK.	CK
57775	A sprain like this should heal within a week or so.	CK
2639677	Tom didn't just sprain his ankle. He broke three of his toes.	CK
22036	I missed a step on the stairs and I'm afraid I sprained my ankle.	CK
66937	If I tried to wear shoes with heels that high, I'd sprain my ankle.	CK