English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Spot" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2649031	Go to your spot.	CK	1
2648969	This is my spot.	CK	1
1621034	Tom was spot on.	Spamster	1
2243325	They spotted Tom.	CK	1
40131	That hit the spot.	Swift	1
2243728	They've spotted us.	CK	1
2272750	Tom has spotted us.	CK	1
2241661	We've been spotted.	CK	1
2308277	I couldn't spot Tom.	CK	1
2548243	I'm in a tough spot.	CK	1
1177623	Tom has a bald spot.	CK	1
2272696	Tom has been spotted.	CK	1
2422919	You're parked in my spot.	CK	1
2752870	I spotted Tom immediately.	Hybrid	1
1868273	Tom has just spotted Mary.	CK	1
1093155	Tom parked in his usual spot.	CK	1
258587	We met at the designated spot.	CK	1
272287	He has red spots all over his body.	CK	1
2064972	Tom says he's spotted something out of the ordinary.	CK	1
246388	I am in a spot.	CM
51616	Did Spot go, too?	CK
2162957	You missed a spot.	Hybrid
2422904	You are in my spot.	Guybrush88
1576622	You've been spotted.	corvard
1360673	He's in a rough spot.	Spamster
1737592	That's his weak spot.	Grim_fandango
2268710	There's a grease spot.	_undertoad
2268936	This is a spotted dog.	_undertoad
1546931	You have been spotted.	corvard
42299	It really hit the spot.	CM
3155734	Tom was put on the spot.	CK
300919	He consented on the spot.	CM
3045667	They hired Tom on the spot.	sharptoothed
291042	He was murdered on the spot.	CM
2006397	It's a popular fishing spot.	Spamster
1104698	Do you want a spot of coffee?	jackloring
1654511	It's a popular vacation spot.	Spamster
3359696	Are you sure this is the spot?	CK
291043	He paid the money on the spot.	CK
41834	That sure puts me on the spot.	CM
326043	A cold beer would hit the spot!	CK
3045709	That really put me on the spot.	sharptoothed
48235	The dog was killed on the spot.	CK
47406	He was spotted stealing cookies.	CK
3045719	Show me the exact spot you mean.	sharptoothed
1040737	A leopard can't change his spots.	CK
2835083	Can you spot Tom in this picture?	Hybrid
2258343	He found himself in a tight spot.	_undertoad
48128	The lake is deepest at this spot.	CK
3156748	Tom was suddenly put on the spot.	CK