English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Split" in Example Sentences
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1894528	Let's split.	CK	1
2241450	We split up.	CK	1
2243321	They split up.	CK	1
2648704	Tom had to split.	CK	1
2273773	We have to split.	CK	1
2280339	I'm going to split.	CK	1
1177553	Tom has split ends.	CK	1
2007735	Let's split a salad.	CK	1
502357	Let's split the bill.	momomonkey	1
1141177	Tom split up with Mary.	CK	1
2218404	You're splitting hairs.	CK	1
2281887	Why don't we split this?	CK	1
1093062	Tom said he had to split.	CK	1
1894529	Let's split up into teams.	CK	1
2805875	He has a split personality.	CK	1
1230043	Let's split the bill today.	CK	1
2007457	Let's split the difference.	CK	1
2007456	Let's split up into groups.	CK	1
1093719	Tom has a split personality.	CK	1
1140899	Tom split the bill with Mary.	CK	1
2400104	Tom and Mary are splitting up.	CK	1
1096217	I heard Tom split up with Mary.	CK	1
1894530	Let's split the bill four ways.	CK	1
2953186	Let's split the bill three ways.	CK	1
1027368	Let's split up and look for Tom.	CK	1
903871	I think it's time for me to split.	CK	1
2291605	I agreed to split the bill with Tom.	CK	1
2291240	I didn't want to split up with Mary.	CK	1
2291606	I agreed to split the money with Tom.	CK	1
1887393	I hear that Tom and Mary have split up.	CK	1
1030195	Tom heard that Mary and John had split up.	CK	1
1543620	Tom and Mary split up after their son died.	CK	1
903870	I think it's time for me to split some more firewood.	CK	1
50589	The money will probably be split evenly between those two.	CK	1
2214400	Usually when Tom and Mary go out for dinner together, they split the bill.	CK	1
21242	Let's split it.	CM
3045735	Let's split the profits.	sharptoothed
280939	The two of them split up.	CM
680282	Who first split the atom?	Source_VOA
806925	The issue split the party.	Source_VOA
2870169	Tom and Mary have split up.	CK
280120	I have a splitting headache.	CK
2643653	Tom and Mary split the bill.	CK
2283219	Waiter, please split the check.	ichivivi20
941248	The two of us split up last year.	FeuDRenais
2600081	I'll split it with you fifty-fifty.	sharptoothed
320973	Let's split the reward fifty-fifty.	CK
65701	The inflation issue split the party.	CK
2268720	There's a serious split in the party.	_undertoad
2401229	Tom woke up with a splitting hangover.	CK