English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Spice" in Example Sentences
Page 1

813306	I don't like spicy food.	papabear	1
1027057	Tom ate some spicy Indian food.	CK	1
1076327	I don't mind if it's hot and spicy.	CK	1
1847703	Tom doesn't enjoy eating spicy food.	CK	1
1094419	Tom doesn't like any kind of spicy food.	CK	1
1096079	The only spice Tom puts on meat is pepper.	CK	1
1830448	Tom told me that you like to eat spicy food.	CK	1
1096040	Tom added some interesting spices to the stew.	CK	1
1092802	Tom thinks the food Mary makes is usually too spicy.	CK	1
1095757	Tom bought a bucket of extra-spicy fried chicken and a container of coleslaw.	CK	1
2613065	It's too spicy for me.	Shishir
1484168	Do you like spicy food?	rafael8243
1531896	This soup is too spicy.	Spamster
2360979	I hope you like spicy food.	CK
51868	I'm not used to spicy food.	CK
39541	Make it as spicy as you can.	Zifre
1040743	Variety is the spice of life.	CK
269840	You shouldn't eat anything spicy.	CK
57745	This store has a variety of spices.	CK
20812	Korean food is generally very spicy.	keaupuni
950160	A dish can be spicy without being hot.	darinmex
2961500	"Do you like spicy food?" "I love it."	meerkat
258856	I love Korean food because of the hot spices.	CK
2252022	There isn't a single thing here that isn't spicy.	FeuDRenais
38265	Every now and then I like to have hot and spicy food.	CK
954196	My stomach is often a bit upset after eating spicy food.	CK
3205137	To tell you the truth, this is a little too spicy for me.	CK