English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Speed" in Example Sentences
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2249999	Speed it up.	CK	1
2255288	You were speeding.	CK	1
3327393	Can we speed it up?	CK	1
3329781	Can't we speed it up?	CK	1
300786	He ran at full speed.	CM	1
2249998	Speed isn't everything.	CK	1
1093973	Tom got caught speeding.	CK	1
1093984	Tom got a speeding ticket.	CK	1
2734388	Don't exceed the speed limit.	CK	1
1499297	Don't go over the speed limit.	CK	1
1093980	Tom got a ticket for speeding.	CK	1
326234	The train gained speed gradually.	CK	1
2007289	Let's try to speed things up, okay?	CK	1
2362007	I've never gotten a speeding ticket.	CK	1
1092412	Tom was going 50 over the speed limit when the police pulled him over.	CK	1
1092797	Tom thought he could reach the airport on time if he drove a little over the speed limit.	CK	1
1261802	Tom told Mary that he thought a hippopotamus could run at a speed of about 30 kilometers per hour.	CK	1
3056611	Tom ran at full speed.	WestofEden
43439	The train gained speed.	CM
2300595	There's no speed limit.	Hybrid
326217	The train gathered speed.	CM
274524	Speeding causes accidents.	CK
318084	The plane increased speed.	CK
1471426	Can you drive a five speed?	Nero
412016	He is driving at top speed.	Mouseneb
2735291	The speed limit was 60 mph.	Hybrid
51822	Don't exceed the speed limit.	CM
954125	Let me bring you up to speed.	CK
2253644	The car slowly gathered speed.	_undertoad
1690455	They used a high-speed camera.	Spamster
495871	Don't go above the speed limit.	CK
26594	The driver increased his speed.	eastasiastudent
265448	A car went by at terrific speed.	CM
2959032	Tom broke all records for speed.	sharptoothed
296235	He calculated the speed of light.	CK
3045597	We're moving at a good speed now.	sharptoothed
28484	You should drive at a safe speed.	CK
680963	How much is the fine for speeding?	Source_VOA
2268507	The ship traveled at a good speed.	_undertoad
22867	We should observe the speed limit.	CK
70591	Your car exceeded the speed limit.	CM
253153	I always drive at a moderate speed.	CK
1499299	The car continued to pick up speed.	CK
26603	The driver maintained a high speed.	CK
252022	My friend was arrested for speeding.	CK
51827	Speeding often causes car accidents.	CK
2268602	The train was running at full speed.	_undertoad
2539649	Tom sped up and caught up with Mary.	CK
1389912	Tom's car has a top speed of 70 mph.	Spamster
57586	What's the speed limit on this road?	Zifre