English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Specialist" in Example Sentences
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1092527	Tom wanted to become a search-and-rescue specialist.	CK	1
3024060	My doctor suggested that I see a specialist in Boston.	CK	1
2957025	Tom is a security specialist.	CK
2232689	He's a specialist in economics.	FeuDRenais
1326216	However, I am not a specialist.	bmaynard87
3312346	We have to get Tom to a specialist.	CK
309374	Her doctor wants to refer her to a specialist.	Nero
2474202	If your illness becomes worse, call in a specialist.	sharptoothed
953756	I wonder if you have ever considered going to a specialist.	CK
744507	A leading specialist was brought in to authenticate the painting.	darinmex
1847777	Many health specialists say that you should eat three meals a day.	CK
247731	We regard Dr. Brown as the best heart specialist in the United States.	CK