English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Space" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2246015	I need space.	CK	1
2246026	I needed space.	CK	1
2867094	Tom needed space.	Amastan	1
2577186	I need more space.	VirtuOZ	1
2387553	I need this space.	CK	1
3151497	Give me some space.	CK	1
2885440	Give us some space.	CK	1
2891214	Give Tom some space.	CK	1
2646510	They needed the space.	CK	1
2011707	Tom wanted more space.	CK	1
3312411	We have limited space.	CK	1
3151426	Give us a little space.	CK	1
2007509	Let's give Tom some space.	CK	1
2387449	I need a little more space.	CK	1
2013669	Tom wants your parking space.	CK	1
2361198	I don't have enough closet space.	CK	1
2342646	Bunk beds are a way to save space.	Hybrid	1
1430136	There's not enough space here for 40 people.	CK	1
1095819	Tom backed his car out of the parking space.	CK	1
1092437	Tom was angry at Mary because she parked in his space.	CK	1
1026398	Tom didn't have enough space to do what he wanted to do.	CK	1
1834166	I wonder how Tom managed to park his car in such a small space.	CK	1
18753	In the near future, space travel will no longer be just a dream.	Nero	1
2267507	Leave a blank space.	_undertoad
3151541	Give me a little space.	CK
2372812	I just need my own space.	CK
2372856	I just needed some space.	CK
2958224	Tom stared off into space.	CK
3354637	You're parked in my space.	CK
3354641	You've parked in my space.	CK
2958621	Tom was staring into space.	CK
680349	We have space for two beds.	Source_VOA
2372819	I just need some more space.	CK
1002811	I want to go to outer space.	Nihonkage
1488106	Is there life in outer space?	arnxy20
2958219	Tom stared blankly into space.	CK
3152699	You should give Tom some space.	CK
680976	An astronaut can float in space.	Source_VOA
241117	Leave a space between the lines.	CK
3123936	Tom told me that he needed space.	CK
3045749	Is there any space for my luggage?	sharptoothed
1447905	Is there space for another person?	CK
27015	Space travel is no longer a dream.	NekoKanjya
1447897	Is there space for one more person?	CK
241118	Leave more space between the lines.	CK
1542447	Only 514 people have been in space.	Spamster
29383	The rocket was launched into space.	CK
802365	They sent the first man into space.	Source_VOA
60857	This table takes up too much space.	CK
3153754	Tom wants me to give him some space.	CK