English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Sophisticated" in Example Sentences
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2203387	I'm sophisticated.	CK	1
2203384	We're sophisticated.	CK	1
2203386	Tom is sophisticated.	CK	1
2203385	You're sophisticated.	CK	1
3137171	Tom was sophisticated.	CK	1
2203543	Tom is unsophisticated.	CK	1
2203544	You're unsophisticated.	CK	1
3137178	Tom isn't sophisticated.	CK	1
3137169	Tom's very sophisticated.	CK	1
2218500	You're very sophisticated.	CK	1
3137177	Tom isn't very sophisticated.	CK	1
3137190	I think Tom's unsophisticated.	CK	1
3137173	Tom seems sophisticated.	CK
3137170	Tom was unsophisticated.	CK
1885740	She's very sophisticated.	Guybrush88
3137172	Tom seems unsophisticated.	CK
3137180	Tom is quite sophisticated.	CK
3137175	Tom never was sophisticated.	CK
3137189	Mary is a sophisticated lady.	CK
3137179	Tom is quite unsophisticated.	CK
2642899	Tom looks quite sophisticated.	CK
3137181	Tom is extremely sophisticated.	CK
3137194	Do you think Tom is sophisticated?	CK
3137183	Tom is a pretty sophisticated guy.	CK
3137186	This is a sophisticated instrument.	CK
3137182	Tom is becoming more sophisticated.	CK
3137193	Do you think Tom is unsophisticated?	CK
3137185	This is a very sophisticated device.	CK
3137187	They've got nothing this sophisticated.	CK
302324	He looks quite sophisticated for his age.	CK
3137184	This isn't very sophisticated technology.	CK
3137188	They're making very sophisticated weapons.	CK
3137176	Tom looks quite sophisticated for his age.	CK
3137191	I think it's a little more sophisticated than that.	CK
3137168	You think I'm not as sophisticated as you, don't you?	CK
72099	I felt utterly out of place among those sophisticated people.	CM
3312313	Tom is more intelligent and sophisticated than most boys his age.	CK
20056	The engineer demonstrated how to operate the sophisticated system.	CK
239620	Modern finance is becoming increasingly complicated and sophisticated.	CM
3137192	I can bring in some more sophisticated equipment if you think we need it.	CK
3137174	Tom plays with toys that are more sophisticated than what Mary plays with.	CK