English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Soft" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2713660	You have soft hands.	CK	1
42310	It is soft to the touch.	CK	1
43236	Do you have any soft drinks?	CK	1
1972625	Feel this. It's really soft.	CK	1
258525	I like to sleep on a soft bed.	CK	1
315291	She has a soft and clear voice.	CK	1
906884	What's your favorite soft drink?	CK	1
1180847	I'd like my egg very, very soft boiled.	CK	1
1092575	Tom wanted a pencil with a softer lead.	CK	1
2033738	I just want to sleep in a nice soft bed.	CK	1
43235	I feel sleepy when I listen to soft music.	CM	1
239261	Silk feels soft.	CM
57399	This cloth feels soft.	CK
1122341	I like that it is soft.	cntrational
3030952	The ground is too soft.	sharptoothed
18807	My muscles have got soft.	CK
271589	Tadashi has a soft voice.	CK
3030936	Tom sang in a soft voice.	sharptoothed
874600	Rose petals are very soft.	LittleBoy
43825	The girl has a soft heart.	Swift
266560	Please eat only soft foods.	CK
239262	Silk feels soft and smooth.	CM
55584	This feels soft and smooth.	CK
317250	She spoke with a soft voice.	CM
3030942	This pillow is too soft for me.	sharptoothed
304912	He's getting soft in his old age.	papabear
309513	Her voice was soft and beautiful.	CK
682340	My teacher has a very soft voice.	Source_VOA
3030944	This lamp gives off a soft light.	sharptoothed
2737254	Tom thought the bed was too soft.	CK
268988	A good conscience is a soft pillow.	CM
2483356	This chair is soft and comfortable.	sharptoothed
273902	My grandmother can only eat soft food.	CK
272027	Soft music is often conducive to sleep.	CM
3030938	Tom is too soft to be a good executive.	sharptoothed
2909196	We ordered French fries and soft drinks.	mervert1
301613	He addressed the audience in a soft tone.	CM
299346	He made a little statue out of soft clay.	Nero
301614	He addressed the audience in a soft voice.	CM
271708	Where is there a soft drink vending machine?	CM
483780	Would you mind speaking a little softer please?	minshirui
1164640	This towel is so soft and fluffy. It feels good!	Chrikaru
802411	They accused President Johnson of being too soft.	Source_VOA
32025	I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Mary.	CK
316148	She was a tall, thin girl with long, soft brown hair.	Nero
682313	The book is available in both hard and soft-cover versions.	Source_VOA
48611	The shoes were made of some soft stuff that looked like leather.	CK
1101266	Root beer is considered a classic American carbonated soft drink.	CK
1075870	The invitation said that popcorn and soft drinks would be served.	CK
315649	She decided to drink water instead of soft drinks in order to lose weight.	CK