English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Social" in Example Sentences
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1890956	I'm a social worker.	CK	1
1990345	Tom has trouble with social interactions.	CK	1
903708	There is an urgent need for social change.	CK	1
265341	Social customs vary from country to country.	CK	1
242413	We have a lot of social problems to think about today.	CK	1
2957027	Tom is a social worker.	CK
1060457	He enjoys a good social life.	Guybrush88
312942	She is engaged in social work.	CK
298998	He majors in social anthropology.	CM
245581	My sister is engaged in social work.	CK
1991873	Rabbits are extremely social animals.	Spamster
258381	I'm very interested in social studies.	CK
803173	He supported a number of social reforms.	Source_VOA
2267827	That family has lost its social position.	_undertoad
45448	The group tried to solve social problems.	CM
1541416	Can man live without having a social life?	Nero
302225	He wrote on the social evolution of Japan.	CM
802462	They were busy working for social reforms.	Source_VOA
298999	He despises people of a lower social class.	CM
807472	Many folk songs were about social problems.	Source_VOA
314803	She attended the lecture on social welfare.	CK
28248	The committee is discussing social welfare.	Zifre
802476	They took no part in the social revolution.	Source_VOA
496616	Social networking sites are all the rage now.	darinmex
681416	The country's main social problem is poverty.	Source_VOA
281221	In Japan, are nurses high on the social scale?	CM
3030946	They're having a social at the church tonight.	sharptoothed
265355	It is important to eliminate the social unrest.	CM
51336	Sexual harassment has now become a social issue.	CM
22925	We must work hard to break down social barriers.	NekoKanjya
265340	We discussed gun control in social studies class.	CK
1522394	People talk a lot about social networks these days.	erikspen
63924	State your name and social security number, please.	CM
38966	Germany adopted a social security system in the 1880's.	Swift
265357	The social welfare system is in bad need of renovation.	CM
65129	Automation is bound to have important social consequences.	CM
270346	Population growth has given rise to serious social problems.	CM
288186	The higher he rose in social rank, the more modest he became.	CM
60755	Social unrest may come about as a result of this long recession.	CM
847272	Never choose a vocation just because it promises social standing.	Source_Benedict_1921
2264488	With all these social activities, when do you get a chance to study?	sharptoothed
954814	You shouldn't share too much private information on the social networks.	CK
269943	A man's worth should be judged by his character rather than by his social position.	CK
46862	The social worker was asked to follow up the information about the Stevenson family.	CK
681957	Pretending to be a friend, the man robbed old people of their social security checks.	Source_VOA
281382	The Japanese public bathhouse was once used as a center of social life in one's neighborhood.	CK
2038555	With social media it's possible to find out a lot of information about someone before meeting them.	Chrikaru