English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Snore" in Example Sentences
Page 1

2111153	Tom snores.	CK	1
2245725	I don't snore.	CK	1
2107604	Tom's snoring.	CK	1
1523557	Tom is snoring.	Spamster	1
2255286	You were snoring.	CK	1
2647987	Tom began to snore.	CK	1
2238714	Tom started snoring.	CK	1
2646857	Tom started to snore.	CK	1
2821571	Tom was snoring loudly.	CK	1
1028675	Tom heard Mary snoring in class.	CK	1
37406	I heard Tom snoring during the class.	CK	1
2396101	I heard Tom snoring in the next room.	CK	1
1665998	Mary is snoring.	Amastan
1934973	He was snoring loudly.	Spamster
1624856	Listen to how he snores.	marcelostockle
1079121	You must know that I snore.	keira_n
750673	He snored loudly while he slept.	sctld
1481698	What should I do if my wife snores?	weihaiping
296379	He was snoring loudly while he slept.	CK
2958159	Tom snored loudly with his mouth open.	CK
2740730	I can hear Tom snoring in the next room.	CK
2640833	Tom was asleep in bed, snoring slightly.	CK
3041867	Tom's loud snoring kept me awake all night.	CK
2640412	Tom was asleep on the couch, snoring loudly.	CK
2640184	Tom was asleep in the hammock, snoring quietly.	CK
2797248	He snored all night and his wife couldn't sleep.	Dejo
2639899	Tom could hear Mary snoring loudly in the next room.	CK
517845	I sat next to a man on the airplane who snored the whole time.	darinmex