English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Sneak" in Example Sentences
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2203379	I'm sneaky.	CK	1
2203376	We're sneaky.	CK	1
2203378	Tom is sneaky.	CK	1
2203377	You're sneaky.	CK	1
3171117	Tom was sneaky.	CK	1
3183909	I think Tom is sneaky.	CK	1
2275300	Don't sneak up on people.	CK	1
1040555	Tom sneaked out the back door.	CK	1
289851	He sneaked around to the back door.	CK	1
2698641	Tom quietly sneaked out of the room.	WestofEden	1
37019	Tom was caught sneaking out of the room.	CK	1
1553371	Tom caught Mary sneaking out of the house.	CK	1
1095058	Tom couldn't sneak out of the dorm without being seen.	CK	1
1092330	Tom was the only one who saw Mary sneak into the room.	CK	1
3360558	Tom isn't sneaky.	CK
3330048	I sneaked up behind Tom.	CK
2957396	Tom kicked off his sneakers.	CK
327010	Don't sneak out of the concert!	CK
1263622	The socks and sneakers are new.	xellugis
260134	I caught him trying to sneak out.	CK
284159	I noticed him sneak into the room.	CK
238135	The policeman noticed a man sneak in.	CK
1486047	Mary tried to sneak into the nightclub.	Spamster
3172279	Do people ever accuse you of being sneaky?	CK
244461	There was a special sneak preview last night.	CK
748741	He sneaked up on him in the middle of the night.	Scott
2958157	Tom sneaked up behind Mary without being noticed.	CK
2958390	Tom tried to sneak into the movie theater without paying.	CK
764176	No matter how sneaky you are, you can never surprise yourself.	darinmex
2958391	Tom tried to sneak out of the house, but his parents caught him.	CK
2958158	Tom sneaked up behind the guard and clobbered him with a monkey wrench.	CK
72836	Two policemen arrested a burglar. They caught him sneaking into Mrs. Miller's.	CK