English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families
The Word "Snack" in Example Sentences
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881796	I need a snack.	alexmarcelo	1
3154657	Who ate my snacks?	CK	1
2662042	I bought them snacks.	WestofEden	1
2630350	Tom is eating snacks.	meerkat	1
2380398	I made a snack for us.	CK	1
51874	Where can I buy snacks?	CK	1
931009	What snacks do you have?	CK	1
906881	What's your favorite snack?	CK	1
247878	We prepared snacks beforehand.	CK	1
906970	What's your favorite snack food?	CK	1
906969	What's your favorite salty snack?	CK	1
25275	Do we have anything I can snack on?	CK	1
1938806	I thought Tom would make snacks for us.	CK	1
2331630	I had a snack before I went back to work.	CK	1
1023801	What does Tom eat for a mid-afternoon snack?	CK	1
1024373	Tom often munches on snacks while watching TV.	CK	1
64832	I had some custard pudding for an afternoon snack.	CK	1
314079	She fixed us a snack.	CK
3328136	Can you make me a snack?	CK
824434	A carrot is a healthy snack.	jellorage
706085	I just had a snack at the bar.	Guybrush88
1891029	I'm not a big fan of snacking.	CK
2735476	I wish I'd brought some snacks.	CK
2932147	Do you feel like having a snack?	AlanF_US
294972	He acquired the habit of snacking.	CK
2540648	I was going to get myself a snack.	CK
953269	For snacks, she eats fruit or nuts.	CK
19708	There's enough time for a quick snack.	Swift
2630351	You shouldn't eat snacks between meals.	meerkat
2271772	What do you have for a mid-morning snack?	Eldad
324031	I had instant noodles as a midnight snack.	CK
2737786	The children are having a snack on the patio.	catcher
1218551	There were many delicious snacks at the party.	CM
2640062	Tom is in the kitchen, having a late-night snack.	CK
954342	The doctor told me to eat fewer high-calorie snacks.	CK
66964	You can't be hungry. You had a snack a few minutes ago.	CK
245010	Saburo snatched up all the snacks that were sitting on the table.	CM
275260	If you want to lose weight, you should cut down on between-meal snacks.	CK
274106	If you want to become thin, you should cut back on the between-meal snacks.	CK
1075869	Popcorn is very inexpensive when compared to many other snack foods. It's also usually healthier.	CK
1499096	I don't like snack bars. They're expensive, noisy, and full of the smell of tobacco and fried food.	dracae